Secrets of Paris

By Naomi Louwerens:

The world keeps moving forward, new cities and destinations are becoming more and more popular, but Paris will always stay one of the most desirable places to be. With its timeless image of love and architectural beauty it remains one of the most popular cities in Europe.

In Paris you will find numerous beautiful buildings, a multitude of museums to visit and several venues where you can shop and dine in the atmosphere of luxury.

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But what about the places that are not that popular among tourists? Here you can find some secret points of this amazing city.

Besides Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur, Louvre, Notre Dame and the Champs Élysées there are still few carefully kept secret areas where you can experience Paris in a more authentic way. One of those trendy Parisian neighbourhoods is Le Marais.

Le Marais is a historic part of the city located in the 3rd arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine. As it has always been the aristocratic district of Paris it showcases many unique buildings of historic and architectural importance and a multitude of beautiful Parisian facades.

Place des Vosges is the oldest and most beautiful square in the city and a prototype for all residential squares of European cities since the year 1600. The buildings around the square have housed French aristocracy through ages. As a main location for art it is the perfect place to find contemporary and unique artworks in the galleries under the arches of the historic buildings around the square.


I can’t but mention Musée Picasso. This museum owns more than 5,000 artworks of Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. Housed in the historic Hotel Salé, which is built in the 1600’s, it combines the modern artworks and historic architecture of the building perfectly. A must visit for both art-and architecture lovers – 5 Rue de Thorigny.

If you have a passion for luxury lifestyle and fashion, make sure to visit the concept store Merci in Haute Marais. It combines the best of fashion brands, limited edition designer pieces, gifts, accessories, skincare products, interior and different eating options, in a historic building which was a wallpaper factory for 150 years.

All of this is presented on 3 floors of 1500 m2, including a paved courtyard, spectacular glass roof, in house restaurant and 2 terraces. Fashionistas come from all over the world to experience innovative shopping at Merci – 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais.


To shop like a real Parisian continue on after Merci to a side street on the left called Rue du Pont aux Choux. Here you will find many boutiques and trendy restaurants, especially in the streets around Rue de Turenne.

Walking around this area you will see beautiful architecture, churches and many monuments that will give you a better insight in the aristocratic Parisian culture and history. Make sure to add Le Marais to your travel list if you are interested in the real Paris.

Naomi Louwerens