The Greek & Roman Baths of Sevilla

By Jennifer Morilla:

The Greek & Roman Baths of Sevilla, Spain AKA Aire de Sevilla

Okay. Think of a place with complete silence, a calming relaxing atmosphere, and pools filled with water (or wine) set to different temperatures to help your body relax. Can you picture it?

If you can’t, then you have to see it for yourself!

When I lived in Sevilla, Spain a couple years back I went to the Aire de Sevilla ( with my sister and mother for a lovely girls day. We had heard some great reviews about this spa. And to be completely honest, at first we thought the idea of shared baths in the South of Spain wasn’t going to be such a good idea.

If you’ve ever been to the South of Spain (especially Sevilla) you know that it’s VERY hot. In fact it barely rains!

But oh! Were we wrong!

Aire de Sevilla was founded about 15 years ago in Sevilla, Spain. Today they are located in Sevilla, Barcelona and my home, New York City! The Spa in Sevilla is located in the ‘old town’ of Sevilla, known as, El Barro de Santa Cruz.

If you’ve ever been to El Barro de Santa Cruz, you could easily get lost in the beauty of old architecture, dead streets and random empty plazas.
The treatment I chose was the 90 minute Thermal Bath with Aromatherapy. It’s the most typical treatment people choose. It consists of a thermal path into different rooms and temperatures, with hot and cold baths. Honestly, just a relaxing refreshing service. Physically and mentally!

My recommendation would be to book a spa service during the afternoon, after some local shopping and a late lunch. Enjoy your Spanish Sesta at Aire de Sevilla!
Today they still have this treatment among other amazing services ( Each location has something different that would tailor to someone’s needs. I had a friend who tried the famous Wine Baths. She mentioned it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S (she said it just like that)!

Lastly (almost forgot the best part), for those tea lovers, they have an amazing selection of teas during your treatment. An unlimited amount!


Jennifer Morilla