Hotel Alfonso XIII- Sevilla, Spain

By Jennifer Morilla:

My love for Sevilla will always be. In fact, it’s still my favourite city because it was technically the first city I fell in love with while abroad for the first time. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that made me love the city, but I can certainly tell you that there are multiple reasons.

One of the main reasons: food! If you know me, you know that I am such a foodie. Yes! I would rather eat and drink fine wine any day with great company then hike a mountain.

Last month I reviewed my spa treatment at the Aire de Sevilla. It was absolutely amazing! I recommended a few things and I mentioned that the day should plan out two ways, either a big morning of shopping and then straight to the baths or enjoying a big meal and then straight to the baths.

I actually think that before you begin your day, (whether you decided to spend it with a nice spa afternoon or not) you should absolutely try breakfast at the Hotel Alfonso XIII.



The “Alfonso”, as locals refer to it, has been around since 1929. Located right near the Alcazar and the famous Cathedral of Sevilla. It’s been around for 85 years and still maintains its design history and absolutely prestigious name. The “Alfonso” is one of the most famous hotels in Spain.

I can’t tell you how much a night is at the “Alfonso”, but I can tell you that it isn’t cheap. It is where usually anyone, who is anyone spends their nights.

I visited the “Alfonso” for brunch one Sunday morning. They have a luxury breakfast buffet that includes unlimited mimosas! A fixed price of 44 euros per person. If you do enjoy good food and don’t mind spending the money, this is absolutely the place for you.


The buffet is massive with even a variety of caviar selection. Also, if I remember clearly, if you didn’t feel like getting up yourself and picking out what you’d like to eat. You had the option of having your own server personally bring you the food and wait for you hand and foot on additional requests. The dinning area is either indoor or outdoor in their garden. It all depends on your preference.

As I said early, if you’re looking for luxury the “Alfonso” is will deliver!

Jennifer Morilla