When in Rome

By Gavin Darvell:

There are times when wandering through the cobbled streets and around the sites of Rome where it can almost feel like you have been transported back to when these now historical sites were vibrant and full of life. You can smell it, even taste it. That’s the impact this city can have on you. Rome is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, where history intermingles with modern day culture. Where ancient pillars and monuments stand alongside the bustling roads and tram lines. Rome is a city to let your senses go and your feet to wander.rome pic 1

Rome is a city that demands’ you to explore at your own pace so as to take everything in. It’s very easy to suggest visiting it’s more iconic of attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, The Vatican and the Spanish Steps. Essential places to see but it’s perhaps the less obvious places that the real magic of Rome shines though.

The Roman Forum, alongside the Colosseum is a spectacular site. Highlighting the grandeur of this ancient city. Palatine Hill gives you a city view to bring awe and appreciation and is the perfect starting point before heading down to the Forum and Colosseum. Hidden in the heart of the city among the tourist shops and gelato parlours you can find the Pantheon. Be sure to look up at the ceiling and take in its beauty. Perhaps the real Rome can be appreciated by wondering the small side streets which reveal wonderful cafes and restaurants, boutique shops and if you look closely ornate statues and fountains.

rome pic 2

Rome is Europe’s historical gem, a place to get lost in and a place to sample wonderful cuisine and wine. A place where your appreciation of a once mighty civilisation will be further enhanced. Rome is where old meets new and the ancient is embraced by the continued pace of modern life. A place that should be at the top of any traveller venturing to European shores.

Gavin Darvell