Shopping at Selfridges

By Gavin Darvell:

Certain department stores can be clearly marked as a unique landmark to that city or country. They become a tourist attraction in themselves. A must visit place on a city break itinerary. Macy’s in New York comes to mind. A department store to be explored and a metaphor for chic shopping. Leaving with one of their iconic bags is testament to this. London can boast its own stores which offer their own unique and iconic touches. Harrods being one and Selfridges the other.

selfridges 1-2

Selfridges is situated towards the upper end of Bond Street, close to Marble Arch and Regents Park. With its ornate façade it’s a department store that is hard not to miss. Any visit here should start with a look at its famous window displays. With this year being no different. The theme for 2015 centres on A Journey to the Stars. Just going up the escalator is an experience itself. As the theme continues inside.

Selfridges is a shopper’s paradise, a place of luxury and the home too many of the world’s leading brands. From the perfume counters on entrance, through the many individual departments and the exclusive restaurants and cafes. Selfridges is a seasoned shopper’s utopia.

selfridges 3-2
There is plenty to explore and indulge in. If you have to start anywhere then perhaps head to the top and work your way down to the food market in the basement. It’s no exaggeration that you could spend the best part of day inside the four walls. Lunch and a coffee break can be easily added. Such is the amount of products and well-known brand names to search through. Selfridges is the ultimate luxury shopping experience in the very heart of London.

Gavin Darvell