Hotel Eden Rome

By Bella Sovmiz:


Today’s post is dedicated to one of the most renowned, luxurious and decadent hotels of the Italian capital, Hotel Eden Rome. Part of the Dorchester Collection and the Leading Hotels of the World, this property reigns supreme and above all else in the category of ‘best hotels in Rome’.

Hotel Eden Rome is located between Via Veneto and the Spanish Steps, on via Ludovisi. Perhaps, the hotel’s proximity to via Veneto is what made it attractive for Hemingway, Ingrid Bergman and Fellini in the past. Perhaps, it was the decadent décor that had a historic appeal for the politicians and other illustrious clients.


What is evident now is that Hotel Eden Rome continues being a prime destination for the rich and famous. I chalk it up to two broad factors. First of all, the hotel’ location makes it relatively removed from the historical city centre, yet still keeps all Rome’s treasures within easy reach. Second, is the sense of luxury that permeates every fibre of the establishment.

The décor of Hotel Eden is plush and decadent: all marble tops, polished brass fixtures and heavy draping. The cavernous lobby features a crackling fireplace and a display of assorted cakes and sweets that can tempt anybody.

However, do not be swayed because despite the wonderful interior design and snacks, the true treasure of Hotel Eden lies on the top floor.

When the heavy doors of the mirrored elevator open up and you are released onto the terrace, it takes a little while to adjust to the steaming light. The wide, panoramic windows welcome every ray of the Italian sun that rushes in to stroke the polished silver tableware.


Once your eyes adjust, you see what the fuss is all about. All around you, crisp white linen tablecloths adorn the heavy-set tables. Velvet-backed chairs invite you to sit back and enjoy the view.

And what a view it is…

The hotel sits near Villa Borghese and its lush park, so the windows of Hotel Eden open up to the fantastically green, plush and soothing view of the garden. Traversing the green expanse is an ancient paved road. If you concentrate and drown out the espresso machine noise, you can picture that this same road was the reason for the phrase ‘’all roads lead to Rome’’ sometime in the distant past.

The view is certainly the key selling point of this restaurant but that does not mean that the core offering is not worth your time. Impeccable table setting, attentive staff and a carefully curated menu all deserve a mention.


Overall, be it due to the plush décor, the military-like precision of the service, the breathtakingly grandiose view or something else, Hotel Eden Rome makes for a magical experience in the Eternal City.

Bella Sovmiz
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