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KGK is amongst the word´s few jewelry manufacturer that also mines and cuts colored gemstones, their team of talented jewelers design stunning collections, featuring diamonds and gemstones in platinum, gold, and silver settings. The brand combines creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing ready-to-sell collections.  KGK also participates in all the world´s major jewelry shows as it is recognized for their constant investments in innovation and tech, to bring customers quality and the greatest value in each piece they design.

The KGK Group originated in 1905 when its founder, Shri Keshrimalji Kothari, started trading Burmese colored gemstones in Jaipur, India. Inspired by his father´s vision, he helped to establish a tradition for innovation and diversity that led the group´s initial growth and expansion. Today KGK Group is a leading multinational corporation with fully integrated operations in the Gems & Jewelry industry, their business is spread from mines-to-retail, marking their invincible presence across the pipeline of the industry and translating it into a value chain offering considerable competitive advantages.

KGK’s rough diamonds are directly sourced from the mines in South Africa and from organized markets in Antwerp, London and Russia; through industry barons like De Beers & Alrosa – ensuring nothing but the finest diamonds on the market for their clients. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are sourced from mines in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and tanzanite from Tanzania.

As a sign of its great efforts for expansion and improvement, the company is now one

of the Sight holders of Tanzanite One, the world’s largest and most advanced tanzanite mining company.

These gems are cut and polished in group’s India, China and Thailand factories. With technologically advanced jewelry manufactured to the fine hand-crafted masterpieces, KGK offers an array of jewels to its clients, with the best quality and trust.

For more information visit www.kgkgroup.com

Jewelry Middle East Special, EuropeanLife Magazine.