The world is my catwalk…

By Natascha Zuchouwski.

As a creator these are the exact words that describe what the Jewelry brand TIRISI is all about. The Italian word Moda in English means Fashionable and that is what gives Tirisi Jewelry and Tirisi Moda its true DNA.

Being definitely a fashion conscious woman has helped me to create my 2 brands Tirisi Jewelry and Tirisi Moda, I am inspired by the past and intrigued by the future. I call my brands modern/classics.

Although completely different from each other, both brands are easily identifiable and are ready to be mixed and matched. This marriage of 2 completely different brands makes it for the end consumer so much fun to buy.

One can endlessly add on different pieces from either the Tirisi Jewelry or the Tirisi Moda range without feeling restricted.
Tirisi Moda, affordable, fashionable, a rich mix of Sterling silver and 18kt gold combines easily with the more high-end hand crafted 18kt gold Tirisi Jewelry range.

Due to the amazing amounts of different materials and colours that today free up the Jewelry industry, the stylish shopper is free to create her own individual Jewelry box. By using fine leathers, so sensual to the touch and precious coloured stones so vivid to the eye, a fashionable woman loves to wear the brand and can show off her individualistic charm.

All boundaries from the Jewelry past have been eliminated due to the great freedoms of today’s widely available materials. As a designer I allow my imagination to run free and use liberally a spectrum of different luxury products. I use fine diamonds, a kaleidoscope of semi-precious stones and traditional handcrafted Italian leathers.

This never-ending mixture of products makes the perfect recipe for gourmet Jewelry.
If your customer dares to be different, is highly fashionable and individualistic then come in and explore the Tirisi collections.

TJ_Seoul Flower_04

Tirisi Manly_06