Swarovski – Crystal Tales Collection


Every season, Swarovski’s distinctive sparkle plays the leading role in a new story, inviting women on a journey where they can explore and accentuate their many facets. For Fall/Winter 2018, the brand takes jewelry and accessories to a new dreamy level with its Crystal Tales Collection, as Creative Director Nathalie Colin explains: “Today, our daily life is impacted by a high density of information and visual pollution. It’s a fast moving and at times overwhelming environment requiring constant agility. The world of magic, enchantment, and fairy tales offers an escape from everyday life. It’s a place where forest animals have a soul and we become modern-day shamans able to understand their language. This captivating world inspired the Crystal Tales Collection. This season I want to offer women a welcoming and sparkling world to retreat to, where they can be inspired by storytelling, re-energized by richly crafted designs, and feel at their most brilliant.”

A color palette of rich jewel and golden tones, intense dark blue, sapphire, burgundy, and emerald hues effortlessly inject an alluring air into any look, for day or night. Swarovski dials up its vision of femininity with of-the-moment silhouettes; layers upon layers of long pendants and charms, bold cocktail rings, delicate designs, and ornate earrings.

There are endless ways to sparkle this fall with the coveted Swarovski Remix Collection, which allows for even more expressions of personal style with the addition of a new line featuring shimmering Swarovski Remix charms with pavé letters and colorful birthstone elements.

As the key source of inspiration, tales from the forest largely infuse this collection. Sparkling treasures and vintage glamour evoke the captivating curiosities and flora and fauna of a mystical forest. The Magnetic family reimagines insect motifs in brilliant new ways. On-trend silhouettes; asymmetric earrings, brooches, layered necklaces, signet and cocktails rings, shine with Swarovski crystal Pointiage®, delicate detailing, and mixed metal tones. Radiating unique charm, the March family is an endearing addition to every woman’s accessory collection. Lovers of woodland animal motifs, such as the fox, owl, and squirrel, will be won over by the mix of golden metallic tones and Swarovski crystal, for a look that’s quirky yet sophisticated at the same time.

The season comes to a stunning close with a fairytale inspired Holiday collection. The Swarovski signature sparkle brings a magical mood, from everyday accents – such as the Louison family that takes its inspiration from frosted winter leaves – to dazzling gifts.

This glittering offering celebrates the brand’s aesthetic signature and brings to life its “Brilliance for All” philosophy to let every woman’s unique personality shine with designs that are fashionable, modern, and versatile.