The story of Maison Messika

Paris 2016, Maison Messika’s third High Jewelry collection is their opus of 2016 and pays tribute to the grace of women.
Exploring the celestial world, Valerie Messika has continued her quest to capture light in jewelry and crafted a series of even more daring and modern collections than those created for the Maison’s 10th Anniversary in 2015.
Inspired by beautiful mythological goddesses immortalised in the stars, Valerie Messika has designed suites in their image where strength and delicacy converge. By joining forms, multiplying shapes and playing with contrasts between micro-pavé and larger diamonds, she unites solitary diamonds in delicate compositions to create new constellations as sparkling as the sky on a beautifully clear Summer’s night.


In Greek mythology, Calypso was a sea nymph who fell in love with Odysseus and held him captive for seven years.
Reflecting on the power of attraction generated by love, Valérie Messika has created a suite in which asymmetry takes the forefront in design. The necklace comprises 264 pear-cut diamonds which float elegantly around the neck before curling close to the skin, using the iconic Skinny technology developed and patented by Maison Messika.


Gold weight: 74,19g
293 diamonds for a total of 65,41ct
«A symbol of desire; a wave of emotion»

Messika Joaillerie- Calypso necklace- Diamants2


The incredibly delicate Calypso earrings fit perfectly along the earlobe’s natural lines as if made bespoke for their owner. Embracing the entire lobe and base of the ear, the Calypso Earrings invite you to whisper precious secrets.


Gold weight: 16,74g
52 diamonds for a total of 17,82ct
«A contemporary Siren»

Messika Joaillerie- Calypso earrings- Diamants


The Calypso Earring, worn singly, demonstrates the full impact of the classic pear-shape diamond cut used to create a rock & roll edge. Feminine and daring, the loop delicately envelops the ear in a sweeping movement. The Earcuff pays homage to feminine curves and exudes fearlessness.

Gold weight: 10,41g
33 diamonds for a total of 10,62ct
«Dynamic asymmetry»

Messika Joaillerie- Calypso earcuff- Diamants