Pullcast Jewellery and Furniture design

Embodying authentic luxury in one of a kind jewellery hardware, Pullcast is a highly distinctive brand with transcendent beauty, bringing an exquisite elevation to furniture design with exquisite luxury pulls that will be the special element that every design needs.

Moving beyond functionality as a singular and unique complement to any environment, Pullcast takes inspiration in timelessness, sophistication and elegance present in the most unique jewellery designs to enrich the hardware industry. The brand aims to mark the beginning of a time for the pledge of an avid reborn language, a selective jewellery hardware fetch, transposing emotion.

Aiming for the excellence of their work, Pullcast works with a team of highly skilled jewellers and designers, complementing profoundly innovative processes with ancient forms of handcraft and a selection of the finest materials to create majestic sense of rarity and legacy in each piece. Creation with no boundaries is one of the brand’s key elements, as it effortlessly crafts handmade customization, treasuring the personal bond with its customers.

Pullcast holds a portfolio of three base collections, drawing unexpected inspirations from the most natural and contemporary elements of our planet. Earth, Ocean and Cosmopolitan are the ground collections that introduced the brand to the world at Maison&Objet, last September, showcasing irreverant aesthetics that stand out amongst the jewellery hardware world.

Maison&Objet 2018 will be the presenting stage to Pullcast’s new Limited Collection with Feu, the culminate of the intricate connection between the brand and the jewellery world. Depicting a very elegant and beautiful design harmonized with the use of Swarovski crystals, it’s a dilution of the luxury character in the hardware industry.