Pandora jewelry

The Pandora story started in 1982 when Per Enevoldsen, a Danish goldsmith, entered the jewelry market with his wife. Initially, they focused on private individuals with their own jewelry stores, until they presented themselves as wholesalers in 1987. 25 to 30 years later, Pandora has grown into an international brand with stores in more than 18 countries. Since the 1990s, all jewelry has been designed by Pandora itself. Previously they only sold imported jewelry from Thailand.

The philosophy behind Pandora jewelry is simple: Everyone can put together their own unique jewelry, entirely to their own taste. The basis is a cord, leather, silver or gold bracelet. This bracelet can then be further decorated and personalized by an extensive collection of charms and beads. At the moment there are more than 500 charms available! That is why every Pandora jewel is unique. In addition, you can adjust the bracelet daily according to your mood, or you can decorate it with special charms for a special occasion. In addition to bracelets, there are also necklaces, anklets, earrings and rings on the market.

Pandora charms, which are available?
Pandora has an extensive collection of charms. The current catalog has more than 500, and new charms are designed every year. Different sources are used as inspiration. As a result, there are charms in the form of a letter, a constellation, an animal, special objects or people, powerful symbols and even monthly stones. So there are enough charms and beads available to let everyone put together a personalized Pandora jewel. After putting together a jewel you can still buy new charms to add to the jewel or as a replacement for other charms or beads.

In addition to different designs, the charms are also available in different materials. In addition to gold and silver, the charms are made from Murano glass, Brazilian wood, enamel, exotic stones or a combination of these materials.