Pacífica: Lost treasures, found memories

By Vania Ruiz Villarroel:

Pacific is the most recent collection presented by Vania Ruiz, from Casa Kiro Joyas, at Joya Barcelona 2016.  Inspired by lost memories and found treasures in shipwrecks along the Pacific Ocean, her jewelry evoques antique pieces, devoured by time under the sea.

“A day will come, where our memories will be our only wealth”, is a quote by Paul Géraldy that appeared to her as an epiphany while working on her latest pieces.

“I have a need to collect and tell stories. I sometimes find myself trying to record a moment in my mind as to never forget it. Nevertheless, these memories, once clear and present, now seem to escape away and fade. The pieces in this collection are a little bit like these memories. At times, ambiguous, empty or incomplete, and, at times, precise and sharp, as found pieces in a shipwreck.”

Vania usually works with resin creating small landscapes that evoke different places from Chile, in a very personal technique using resin as paint. Her closeness to the sea influences the imagery she puts onto her work.

“On earth, things oxidize and rust through time, but under the ocean, other things grow around them. These treasures also treasure time, in the form of crusts. Shells that grow around objects until they are no longer recognizable.


I take this idea of crusts and fragments, and play with presence, absence, and incompleteness in my work”.

In her latest work she has also been experimenting with new additives for resin and molds that result in a very unexpected texture.

– Viña del Mar, Chile, 2016 –