Lytt Labs Inception Prodigy Watch

An Original Approach To Contemporary Urban Timepiece Design

Singapore-based enthusiast watchmaker Lytt Labs is proud to announce the release of its latest product collection, the Inception Prodigy, across three different models. Lytt Labs founder Edwin Seah is an accomplished timepiece collector, as well as a modern electronics-industry professional. The Lytt Labs brand concept is designed to connect his appreciation for traditional horological arts with the visual landscape of our contemporary time.

The Inception Prodigy builds on Lytt Labs’ seminal timepiece creation, the Inception Version 1 with its original contemporary cushion-shaped case. The Inception Prodigy bolsters Lytt Labs’ design DNA with a fresh dial and a bold new approach to indicating the time. Lytt Labs creates watches that are meant to supplement the well-equipped urban dweller in the world’s most important economic and cultural hubs.
Acknowledging that wearers today rely on their timepiece to communicate taste and lifestyle as much as the current time, the Inception Prodigy product began with the goal of representing the hopes, ambitions, and preferences of today’s most active, outspoken, and mobile consumers.

A careful inspection of the Inception Prodigy dial reveals a meticulous attention to detail and originality. Traditional-style hands replace the seminal Inception Version 1’s disc-based time display system. An entirely new hour and minute hand set design was created for the Inception Prodigy; these are further topped with a novel disc-style seconds hand. This latter element evokes and builds upon the original Inception model with its disc hand system. Seconds can be measured either via the arrow on the disc-based hand or through a small window to a numeric indicator track, which is printed underneath the seconds hand disc. Lytt Labs takes particular pride in the meticulous attention to detail with which the strips of luminous paint have been applied to the Inception Prodigy dials and hands.
Lytt Labs points to a number of urban architectural themes that are the inspiration for the eclectic mixture of finishes and textures of the complex Inception Prodigy watch dial. Specifically, Lytt Labs drew creative influence from contemporary public fountains that decorate the urban landscape. Public fountains have been central gathering spots in major city centers for well over 1,000 years. The role of public fountains today is to add thoughtful tranquility and a sense of escape from what some might consider the “urban grind.” Similarly, Lytt Labs designed the Inception Prodigy to both be useful and to offer a welcome mental escape when the wearer glances at the dial.

On the wrist, the Lytt Labs Inception Prodigy watch is a 45mm-wide square that wears sensibly, due to the integrated silicone strap system. The 316L stainless steel case is water resistant to 50 meters and topped with an anti-reflective coating applied on the sapphire crystal. Inside the watch is a Japanese-produced Seiko caliber NH35 automatic mechanical movement.

Lytt Labs proudly debuts the Inception Prodigy watch collection in three product styles, including the PVD-coated Inception Prodigy Steel (priced at $479 USD), the PVD-coated Inception Prodigy Gunmetal ($499 USD) and finally, the PVD-coated Inception Prodigy Rose Gold ($529 USD).

Lytt Labs Inception Prodigy Technical Specifications:
– Case size: 45mm-wide by 45mm-long, and 14mm-thick.
– Case material: PVD-coated 316L stainless steel
– Crystal material: AR-coated sapphire
– Movement: Seiko Instruments caliber NH35 mechanical automatic
– Case water resistance: 50 meters
– Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

About Lytt Labs: Founded in 2014 by hardware technology industry entrepreneur and watch enthusiast collector Edwin Seah and a partner, Lytt Labs is based in Singapore, which boasts one of the world’s densest populations of timepiece collectors and product category enthusiasts. The Lytt Labs mission is to combine an appreciation for traditional timepiece design and performance with contemporary urban design themes and accessible pricing. Lytt Labs aims to introduce the connected city-dweller of today with the passion of wearing and appreciating traditional horological art.