Hueb’s creations are masterpieces…

By Nagmani.

Brazilian fine jewelry designers are stealing the limelight the world over today. There is a good reason behind this growing obsession being shown by jewelry aficionados towards their ultra-rich designs, and it all comes down to the two best assets they have nurtured amongst themselves—creativity and wearability. After all, people of Brazil believe in enjoying life with utmost excitement that is hard to beat or even match. It’s no wonder that wearing spectacular jewelry is certainly one interesting aspect of it.
One such famous fine jewelry designer who in the 1970s laid the first stone of what seems to have become one of the most sought-after jewelry brands to come from Brazil is Fadua Hueb, founder of Hueb jewelry line. In the beginning, Hueb’s clients were comprised of her close friends for the most part, buying what she designed because they simply loved her pieces. From here on, it went on to build its impressive network supported by her son Rogerio Hueb and his wife Cristina Hueb, who officially opened the door to the company’s first store in 1987. Ever since, they’ve been designing lively pieces of jewelry for women just to make them experience the tang of bliss when they wear it.
Now in its third generation under the auspices of Hueb Director Thiago Hueb and his wife Priscila Patto, Hueb Creative Director, the brand is touching new heights thanks to its uniquely tantalizing designs that one can dive into each time.In an exclusive interview with EuropeanLife, we caught up with Hueb Creative Director Priscila Patto to find out what drove her to become part of her husband’s family business, how big it has become since its early days and much more.
From a young age, Patto has always had an eye for jewelry. And her passion for it only intensified after she decided to join her husband’s family-run jewelry empire and started working closely with her mother-in-law Cristina.
During her tenure as the creative director of the company till 2015, Cristina avidly created stunning designs that are still reckoned to be in high demand. “So after years of helping my mother-in-law develop amazing collections and learning so much about the industry, I felt confident enough to put my own inspirations on paper and bring to life pieces of jewelry that express my gem of creativity,” she said.
Patto’s business background brought the team to Dubai as part of their international expansion. It was here she said where they first began to establish the identity of Hueb as an innovative retail brand, and stabilized their headquarters one by one in the region.“Once this Middle Eastern venture got going, I became more involved with the product development and merchandising. I was responsible for the briefings and approvals of all collections that were created with the help of my mother-in-law, who was the creative director at the time,” Patto said.
The retail success in the Middle East was an eye-opener for them to make a strong push towards New York so that they could repeat the same magic in the US too.
In effect, the glory of Hueb as a heartwarming brand revolves around bringing a new approach toward jewelry, inspiring people to wear new and different combinations frequently and to explore new possibilities along the way.

Inspiration always at hand

Patto’s great design ideas keep surfacing from all over the place be it skylines, landscape, or art galleries and most importantly nature. “I always keep my eyes open, and try to notice everything around me. Anything can inspire a collection, from raindrops to a beautiful painting,” she said.
And it comes as no surprise that her role models in life are confident women who try to make a difference wherever they are. “This is a strong catalyst that just inspires others around them to do better and fight for what they believe in,” she said.
The contemporary Hueb designs that we all get to see these days are heavily influenced by her upbringing in Brazil. She recalls that the most treasured memories of her childhood are when she would vacation with her family and had loads of uninterrupted fun. “We would often escape the hustle-bustle of city life to connect with Mother Nature. This has always stayed with me, and inspires my designs even today,” she said.

Women’s soulful connection with jewelry

 For women, jewelry is something very personal as it brings out an eternal spark to their overall beauty. In essence, they want to feel confident, beautiful and special. And that’s why Hueb pours in a lot of love and care into every piece of jewelry it designs. “At Hueb, we want this feeling to transfer effortlessly to every woman who wears our jewelry. The perfect woman for our jewelry is self-assured, vibrant and curious no matter what her age is,” Patto said. “Most importantly, I want Hueb to be on the wish list of every woman who truly appreciates great design.”
The brand has benefited a lot from its strong presence in Dubai. “I love the fact that Arab women know their jewelry so immaculately. They’re exposed to this universe at a younger age helping them to become extremely style-savvy. I’ve learnt a lot from them during my 6 years in Dubai,” she said.
Patto’s experience with Hueb designs so far have taught her one thing clearly i.e. there are hardly any differences between choices made by the Arab and Western women when it comes to buying jewelry. “Both appreciate the elegance and creativity in our designs and more often than not our best sellers are the same in both markets,” she said. “It’s something we’re very proud of.”
She also added that Brazilian women love to see color and versatility in their jewelry because they value these two things a lot. Likewise, Patto values beautiful designs that can inspire, and help women dream bigger. “I always keep this in mind when I create new pieces and collections. It’s not just about making something that looks pretty. I want women to feel feminine and confident when they wear our jewelry,” she said.
For this reason, Hueb designs have been one of the preferred picks for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, Idina Menzel, and many more. But the jewelry house will always maintain one core thing as Patto said, “We love to see our jewelry worn by any woman who embraces our brand values of self-expression, respect and empowerment.”
Trade shows have always been popular with Hueb to source special gemstones like Australian opals or turquoise. “Every stone has its own provenance, so we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to finding the best of the best. But most of the gemstones we use are from Brazilian mines,” she said.
Hueb’s Tribal Cuff, Bahia earrings, Trilliant Bracelet, and Secret Garden ring are perfect examples of its signature pieces as they showcase a unique balance between art, innovation and craftsmanship.
As things for the brand look bright and upward, its next agenda is to expand its market presence in North America after Europe and Asia where it’s already in its next expansion phase and making good progress. “We’re working very hard towards this. We just want to be everywhere,” Patto said.