FINLAY Fine Jewelry

Vin Lee´s Billionaire Baubles

Beverly Hills-based, Finlay Fine Jewelers, America’s Finest Jewelers, is the most prominent jewelry group you probably have never heard of.  The brand began over a century ago and grew to be the world’s largest operator of leased fine jewelry departments in department stores throughout the United States and Europe. Founded in 1887, New York, Finlay operated in approximately 1,100 department store locations in the United States by the turn of this century earning over $50 billion in that term.

Today, Finlay’s extensive retail group has a much more tailored profile, specific to the tastes of its clients.  Over the last decade, under the direction of billionaire CEO Vin Lee, the jeweler now owns 20 of the TOP 50 retail jewelry brands in North America for the last 100 years.  Offering only 1/5 of the selection of mainstream stores, Finlay Fine Jewelers doesn’t subscribe to being all things to everyone.

“Our relationship with clients has become more personal and intimate.”  Vin Lee offers, “They care about the integrity and transparency as well as the craftsmanship of the people they buy from.  It is no longer just a factor of price.”

The new economy brought on by the digital age has created opportunity for Finlay brands to engage with customers personally and consistently.  While once only on the occasion of your visit, or possibly a post reminder of a birthday or Anniversary, today these relationships are nurtured on social media like close family or friendships.

Finlay Fine Jeweler’s signature collection, The Tennis Earring, sometimes referred to as the ear climber, has been featured on red carpets by celebrities, royalty, and power brokers from Miami to Milan to Monaco.  Opulent precious jewels from diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire are paired and coupled together in these magnificent inline earrings.  Vin Lee personally designed the collection as the idyllic  accoutrement to the tennis bracelet and was debuted at the Cannes Film Festival worn by the daughter of the President of France.

Today Finlay Enterprises owns and operates Finlay Fine Jewelers, a collection of over 30 brands. The group collectively pulls from a rotating inventory of $130 million in precious metals and loose stones and brokers diamonds to over 2,600 locations in North America.

Each year, Finlay Fine Jewelry can be seen on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Grammys, and Independent Spirit Awards. Vin Lee Jewelers, the creator of the tennis earring, has been worn by celebrities, diplomats, and even royalty, most notably at the Cannes Film Festival by family of the President of France.