Dream Jewelry by Costa d’Oro

– Artisanal, Unique and Personal

Kosta Vrahnos creates timeless memories with custom, unique jewelry and revives sentimental value through exclusively redesigned and repurposed jewelry pieces. Costa d’Oro has been a globally recognized and valued entity for many years. The Detroit based shop offers a highly exclusive and inspirational jewelry collection consisting of a range of aesthetically pleasing, exclusive and timeless pieces.

Kosta Vrahnos, Master Goldsmith and Certified Gemologist of The Highest Expertise

From his store in Detroit, Kosta Vrahnos combines both his extensive expertise as a jeweler with his natural drive to create the perfect dream jewelry piece for anyone who walks into his shop.

After finishing his bilingual high school in Greece, Kosta Vrahnos continued his professional journey by studying architecture and art in the United States. Whilst actively expanding and developing his artistic abilities, he started assisting his friend who worked as a jeweler. Pretty soon his friend started calling Kosta his protégé because of his unmatched talent for crafting jewelry designs and ideas.

“He said I was a natural. Little did I know I’d be spending over 35 years designing custom jewelry designs, all from my own store.” 

With this fresh experience and endorsements under his belt, Kosta Vrahnos moved on to designing jewelry and designs for many retail stores. These stores would come in with their own custom requests, propelling Kosta into the role of custom jewelry designer. It became the reason for his existence and continued growth. Designing personal jewelry orders for unique individuals or from specific requests became Kosta’s specialization. This subsequently led to the opening of his own store in Detroit, rightfully crowned “Costa d’Oro”.

Kosta Vrahnos is a certified gemologist and master goldsmith, taking the fine art of mastering diamonds, gemstones and precious metals to the next level.  This includes filing, soldering and sawing of gold, but also the forging, casting and polishing of other precious metals such as silver and platinum.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, jewelry to add to your personal collection or something to surprise your spouse, Kosta Vrahnos does it all. His carefully curated collection of designs will make you and your loved ones feel special and treasured. The collection of jewelry, diamonds and gemstones consists of eloquently chosen materials and designs to fit anyone’s style and personal preference.

Choosing a certified gemologist and master goldsmith is the safest choice for those looking to purchase endurable, corrosion-resistant and personal jewelry. Kosta’s unmatched expertise accounts for the utmost craftsmanship and an exquisite eye for matching the right jewelry piece to the right person.

Going Beyond the Collection with Custom Designs

Ever seen a specific piece of jewelry you would love to gift someone or add to your own collection, but you cannot seem to find it anywhere? Or do you have something completely new in mind that you cannot find in our extensive collection? Maybe you lost a pair of your favorite earrings that you want to reunite, or you want to have a back-up of your favorite ring – just in case.

Kosta does not shy away from going beyond their jewelry collection to (re-)create your favorite jewelry pieces, ornaments or gems. Transforming a story, memory or idea into a distinctive jewelry piece is a wonderful challenge. Kosta loves creating specially designed jewelry that adorns the person wearing it.

“I was brought up believing that each individual is unique in their own way. Exactly like the jewelry I design or repair for them.”

The first thing you will notice walking into Costa d’Oro is the warm and friendly greeting from Kosta himself. Being an old-fashioned designer guarantees friendly service, and the utmost respect and quality care for the customer as well as the jewel. Kosta gets to know his customers to understand what they require.  This is only one of the reasons life-long customers trust Kosta to ‘just design something’.

“My father – God bless his soul – always said ‘Do it once and do it right’, you only have one chance to impress a customer.”

This mantra naturally leads to long term, returning customers. For new customers who want to have something specifically made, Kosta will conduct due diligence by speaking with them until all requirements are clear. This process consists of listening and asking questions. Once their desired one-of-a-kind custom piece is designed, Kosta puts his mind and hands to work to put together their dream jewelry piece.

Resized, Restored, Repaired, Redesigned or Repurposed

Kosta creates new memories through unique pieces or keeps sentimental value, by putting a new spin on your redesigned jewelry. Costa d’Oro specializes in jewelry duplication and repurposing, creating completely new and unique  designs with your favorite family pieces, mother’s ring, birthstone or other heirloom.

There are countless reasons as to why someone may choose to create new jewelry from old pieces. This can range from a simple aesthetic choice to very personal and sentimental reasons. Whatever the reason is, upgrading your old jewels will undoubtedly leave you or your loved one with a one-off jewelry piece like no other.

Next to classical jewelry Kosta also does repairs for your favorite timepieces. This includes high-end watch repairs for brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Patek, Omega, Lucien Picard, Gucci, Movado and Bulova.  All repairs are carried out with care and by using original parts, giving warranties on all repairs.
*Costa d’Oro is not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies.

Bring your old or broken gold, silver or platinum and Kosta will be pleased to help you melt your merchandise to recreate it into your fresh dream jewelry piece. Whether it was a badly chosen gift, a memory piece from a relationship that ended or inherited jewelry – it should not stay hidden away in a safe or jewelry box. It should be flaunted.

Whether you visit Costa d’Oro for the purchase or repair of a ring, earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches, tiaras or different, Kosta Vrahnos will make sure you feel unique and special. Kosta cares about you as an individual, your ideas and desires – and this shines through in every way.

Consult Kosta by visiting Costa d’Oro at 333 E. Jefferson Suite 293