Dream Diamonds Reflecting Sheer Exuberance

InterGems is one of the world’s foremost diamantaires, with a long and distinguished history of excellence in the diamond industry & a global leader in trading of high-quality polished diamonds. Their jewels are a mix of fantasy, intuition, creative exuberance and aesthetic sensitivity. Each piece is a result of a journey among cultures and multi-ethnic influences, between echoes from the past and projections into the future.

Fusing the essential timelessness of the diamond with dynamic, contemporary yet classic designs, InterGems are the leaders in diamond jewelry innovation in both artistry and craftsmanship.

The brand is strategically placed around the world at major manufacturing, trading and consumption centers of the diamond industry. They started as a small operation at Mumbai in the year 2000, now the company has emerged as a supplier of choice to leading jewelry brands and retail chains over the world with factories, offices and marketing teams powered by a talented workforce of 2000 employees.

Design and Manufacturing Expertise:

There are distinctive attributes that make InterGems such a unique brand, dedicated to reflecting excellence and craftmanship in each of its products. Jewelry pieces can be concept-based collections, customized to align with specific client preferences or specially design for bridal and high couture segments. The brand has managed to develop over the years, lines that fuse classic styles with contemporary styles to target the latest market trends and stay ahead of the curve.

“We will live each day our passion for innovation and excellence, so as to create highly desirable diamonds and experiences that surpass our customer´s expectations”, the brand declares in its mission.

For more information visit www.intergems.ae

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