Alex&er Jewellery

“The jewellery brand that allows you the opportunity to wear your emotions on your wrist or around your neck.”

The Story of Alex&er
The name Alex&er has developed from the two creators Alexander Harold & Alexander Smith, the ‘&’ in replace of ‘and’ representing more than one Alex.
It was during our first brainstorming session for the brand that we questioned the main reasons for wearing jewellery. A reason that we picked out and studied was that jewellery is often used to signify an emotional attachment to someone or something. The perfect example would be a wedding ring but other reasons included jewellery that has been passed down through the generations, signet rings, friendship bracelets etc.. thus we went on to design and develop a range of jewellery that symbolised happiness, love and courage.

“What three words would you use to describe your brand?”
Expressive, Sophisticated and British, sum up the aspirations of the Alex&er brand. Expressive because whatever piece of Alex&er you choose to wear, it will never go unnoticed and will regularly become a part of conversion.
Sophisticated as it receives attention for all the right reasons, from the stunning quality to the well rehearsed explanation of each piece. The final word, British, is an all encompassing adjective that is often used by British companies without realising the true depth of its meaning. When something is quintessentially British, it possesses a certain flair that cannot be recaptured until you have been enwreathed in its culture, a culture that has evolved and somewhat matured over the last 500 years of modern history. We wish to show the world our little bit of Britishness.

We are serious about sticking to our roots, ensuring all manufacturing and hand craftsmanship is done on British soil attaining an entirely British brand status.
Our thought provoking designs had to be equally matched by the materials used and its overall appearance. A great deal of our designs have been allowed to come to life in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, described by English Heritage as ‘a national treasure’ and ‘a place of unique character’. Keeping our manufacturing in Britain has enabled us to achieve the highest level of quality and flexibility. Our designs have been crafted into reality thanks to a highly acclaimed silversmith, all of our silver pendants are hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. The materials we have used are of the finest quality (no plating takes place on any of our products.) Our focus on quality goes down to the finest of details which can be seen with our jump-rings that are handsoldered to ensure that our products are rugged and strong. The decisions we have made regarding the design and manufacturing processes have been made to achieve the highest calibre of jewellery.

Giving Back
It is a huge aim of ours to be able to give back to society through the sales of our jewellery. We aim to associate 5% of our sales revenue to an appropriate charity linked with the symbol. An example of this would be sales of the ‘happiness’ symbol, 5% going to a charity that supports mental health.

Kickstarter Campaign
Alex&er Jewellery are currently running a Kickstarter campaign where you can show your support and buy their pieces at a reduced price. Go take a look over at: Https://