Explore the world Luxury Expedition style

The development from cargo ships into cruise ships is an ongoing process that is happening for over hundred years. We know the stories of the big luxurious ships with over 2000 passengers enjoying themselves in the casinos and during captains dinner aboard while cruising the world.
But there is a new concept of combining amazing adventures while travelling in style. Meet Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions.

Cruising with a difference
Picture a luxurious cruise ship, able to withstand cold and, most of all, ice floes. The vessel offers warm and comfortable cabins, a dazzling dining room and beautiful lecture rooms. The floating five-star hotel is a remarkable and marvelous sight, travelling with the ship is an experience by itself. But the delicious food, comfortable beds and experienced staff isn’t the only thing that makes your trip with Waterproof unforgettable, it is what’s happening outside.

Above, under and beyond the oceans…
The travel company has an expertise in the two most remote areas in the world; The Arctic and Antarctica. Waterproof brings her guests into a different world full of wilderness and wildlife experiences. Hike in Antarctica, kayak between the icebergs, snorkel with penguins, dive in the White Sea and camp in an Arctic white landscape, every trip Waterproof offers is designed around activities and sceneries that makes your adventurous heart skip a beat.

A Cruise Experience just for you
The travel company takes you to fascinating destinations with small-scale, luxury cruise ships of two to five hundred passengers. The maximum of 500 passengers is a strict limit the organization strives for. When sailing in Antarctica you can’t make landings when travelling with a ship that has the capacity to bring 500 passengers. Waterproof is of the opinion that the landing part of the trips makes the journey complete. During the trip you will not only enjoy the luxury and intimate life on board but especially the experience of sailing and exploring remote and pristine areas. Travelling with a small group of privileged guests, experienced expedition staff and crew gives great flexibility and possibilities to offer a unique expedition with a range of activities to everyone’s liking. The guides go the extra mile, taking charters with zodiacs, kayaks and on foot, to explore even closer encounters with nature and wildlife. All this in great comfort of a 5 star service!

Polar Diving & Polar Snorkeling
Guests choose Waterproof above any other company because of their expertise and there unique concept of land and underwater experience, especially in the Polar regions. Waterproof is the only company worldwide offering Polar Diving & Polar Snorkeling. Imagine floating in a specially designed Waterproof Snorkel – Drysuit in clear blue water with unlimited visibility. Discover for yourself the amazing mobility and speed penguins entering (and exiting) the water. Watch ice descend into the fathomless clear deep and experience all the wonders the Polar Oceans hold. Or snorkel with Orcas and Whales in the cold winter in Norway while the green Northern lights dance in the sky!

The Experts
While exploring the world, Owner/CEO Marlynda Elstgeest laid the foundation for Waterproof and its unique concepts. The pioneer came to the conclusion that a true experience is more than the scenery and animals on land, it is the combination with the underwater world and its wildlife what gives the remote area a silver lining. The vision of Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions is based on the wide knowledge and more than twenty years of experience in the exclusive small ship cruise and experiential travel industry. “For Waterproof, ‘luxury’ is not purely based on costs but on the ‘wow’ factor of a unique experience created around your personal wishes. It is not a tangible possession but a priceless enrichment and lifelong memory. We are happy to share our years of expertise, knowledge and passion to find the expedition and cruise that suits your personal ‘wow’ factor!”

Everlasting memories
When your journey of discovery with Waterproof ends, it’s time to pack and take your memories away with you from a special part of the World. Few life experiences are as mesmerizing as seeing Polar bears in the Arctic, snorkel with Orca’s in Norway or dive between penguins in Antarctica. For those wanting to push boundaries and indulge their unique interests, you came to the right place!