The Mystical Experience of Azulik Hotel Tulum

Reconnection takes on a new meaning in a place where nature, art and ancestral wisdom coexist. This sanctuary welcomes all who wish to find peace in a space blessed with magical surroundings.

Located on a sandy, clothing-optional beach directly south of Tulum, the adults-only Azulik Tulum is one of the most visually stunning and unique boutiques in the region. The upscale property merges gorgeous Mayan architecture, beautiful views, and close proximity to nature to create a rustic-luxe off-the-grid experience.

The hotel offers an experience that could be described as rustic-luxe with a spiritual touch, and nature takes center stage here. The hotel’s buildings — including all 48 rooms — are constructed from natural materials found on the beach and surrounding forest, including palm fronds, bamboo, and wood. The architectural style is traditional Mayan throughout. Rooms are housed in elevated palapa-style huts built on stilts and featuring porch rails made from gnarly and carved wood. Palm fronds provide shade over porches and common areas, while trees weave in and out of buildings. Restaurants and bars have lounges housed in round platforms high above the canopy, allowing for stunning Caribbean Sea views — and highly Instagrammable shots.

This is a truly unplugged property. Water is sourced from the on-site cenote through small canals made of concrete and covered in mosaic tiles, and generators provide the little electricity found here. Sockets are available in rooms for charging mobile devices, but nighttime lighting depends on candles, lending the property a romantic, intimate vibe. A winding, elevated bridge slashes through the jungle, offering guests the opportunity to not just view nature but to walk into its heart.

As with common spaces, rooms are designed to be open to nature and feature thatch roofs and huge windows covered only with slats of wood tied together by cording. Polished wooden floors and curvy furniture made of natural fibers make for rustic-chic spaces, while open bathrooms integrated in the rooms add a romantic touch. Round king beds are placed on wooden platforms and covered with mosquito nets, and ceiling fans keep the air moving.

Keeping with the hotel’s unplugged policy, there is no electric lighting, and only one power socket is available in rooms. At night, the staff lights dozens of candles in each room, adding to the intimate vibe.

All villas have spacious decks with either lounges, Bali beds, or hanging nets with pillows, as well as hot tubs for two or small plunge pools. Views are a highlight here: most units offer gorgeous ocean views, while others look out over the mangrove. Living rooms are available in some units and feature built-in furniture with plush pillows in white hues, along with tables and seating low to the ground.

Higher-tier villas have swings overlooking the ocean, and a few have private access via steps to the beach.

“We are looking for people who want to dream with us, guided by our playful spirit and the urgent demands of the Earth. Come with us and look for other existing worlds. There is no way of knowing where this quest will take us, but we know our tribe transforms us.

We walk barefoot to remember, while our steps move us towards the future. We are limitless; explorers of what is still to come. Join us in this journey,and join the tribe.” – The signature concept of the Hotel.

Azulik hotel is a unique experience that undoubtedly offers its guests the possibility of reconnecting with nature and totally disconnecting. Relaxation, art and beauty are reflected in the concept that makes it one of the best destinations to visit in Latin America.