The Classiest Nights Out In Europe

All over Europe there are luxurious, high-class venues that can make you feel like royalty. Bars, restaurants, theaters, and even casinos can all fit the description. In this post we want to highlight some of these types of places. Whatever the specific venue, they’re all places you may want to keep on your list if you’re ever traveling around Europe or visiting one of these specific destinations.

Bar 228 – Paris, France

Located at Le Meurice hotel in the middle of Paris, Bar 228 is as good a choice as any for the nicest or most refined bar in Europe. It also happens to be a natural retreat for a lot of people visiting the city, as it’s in close proximity to some of Paris’s top attractions (such as the Louvre, the Seine, and more). Still, Bar 228 is something of an oasis, rather than a tourist trap. It’s down a side street, within a five-star hotel known for its service, and gives off an immediate air of attractive exclusivity. As one write-up put it, it’s a place you might take someone special in search of old-world elegance, understated charm, and comfortable, leather armchairs.

National Theatre – Prague, Czech Republic

Sometimes a night out at a fancy, traditional theatre can be every bit as memorable as a night at the bars. And for those interested in this alternative sort of night out in Europe, the National Theatre in Prague is as good as it gets. It first opened in the 1880s and remains one of the continent’s most stunning examples of Renaissance Revival architecture. And though it looks like a fairly massive facility on the outside, the interior is surprisingly intimate. Elegant décor and a world-class staging are surround a seating area with a capacity of under 1,000 people.

Ruby – Copenhagen, Denmark

Ruby is a little bit different than the bars you’d typically expect to be on a list like this, but it’s an undeniably high-class venue, and different can be good when you’re looking at nightlife across an entire continent! It’s a small cocktail bar built into an old apartment building, with high ceilings, comfortable couches, a chic little bar counter, and cocktails that have developed a very strong reputation.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The world – or rather, the internet – has become packed with digital casino sites, and there’s a seemingly endless string of new ones arriving online every year. So if you’re in it for the games, you can find them in seconds, usually even in app form. Those seeking nightlife in Europe however, or specifically looking for the charms of an elegant old-world casino, would still do well to look for real venues. And Casino de Monte-Carlo is the best of them, anywhere. While it’s a very rich gaming environment, it’s a treat simply to be inside. The place will make you feel like royalty.

Vienna State Opera – Vienna, Austria

Here we have a mother theatrical venue, and arguably the most famous one in all of Europe (except for perhaps the Shakespearean Globe Theatre in London, which is not as much of a nightlife spot). The opera house dates back to roughly 1870, and is about as glamorous and palatial as any other public building in Europe, both inside and out. Whatever sort of show you see there – and it isn’t always necessarily opera – it will make for a very memorable night out.

Armani/Bamboo Bar – Milan, Italy

The Armani/Bamboo Bar in Milan is situated on the seventh floor of the Armani Hotel Milano, and is part of a broader experiment to spread Giorgio Armani’s lifestyle to different properties. You don’t really have to know that specifically to appreciate the décor and ambiance of this spectacular bar though. Decidedly modern with a bit of an upscale hotel lounge feel to it, yet complemented by views of the surrounding city, it’s a surreal place to sit for a drink, and the bar has developed a great reputation not just for cocktails but for pre-dining aperitifs in particular.

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