Prague in time & light

By Patricie Polakova.
Every season has something  special and magical to share with us and as we are entering the final part of  the year,  what was not done by now will certainly become more important for us with every upcoming day.

Prague has many names as “The city of a hundred spires”, “Golden Prague“, “Prague mother of cities ” … but what makes it so special are the feelings assigned by people which explored the city over the generations. It is a place where Everyone’s heart could be enriched.

Prague is full of romance, luxury brands not just among the Paris street, recalling also as Parisian boulevards, but also an interesting combination of history and modern lifestyle. Prague is full of interesting stories due to its 1000 years long existence.

There are many beautiful places well known, among the Royal way, but also many places which are well hidden and worth of seeing. Buildings, where you would not expect, that such a treasure could be, or islands with parks, swans and ships in the middle of the town.

Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor had  the biggest impact on town development. As per survey through the country (2005), was Charles IV voted also as „the Greatest Czech personality“, which only confirms how important the monarch to our culture he was and still is. We are celebrating this year the 700th anniversary of Charles IV‘s birth (1316 – 1378) by many interesting events not just in Prague but across the whole Czech Republic.

Those of you, which prefer active life style in front of searching for history with magnifier, it is good to know, that Prague has become the 16th metropolis holding the award of „European Capital of Sport (2016)“, so stay fit with us!


The time has been always very precious and in nowadays, there is no difference. In everyday life, we do not realize anymore how are „small“ things linked to each other and how important they are for us, or how big impact they have on us. Time is linked to many things and one of the most important ones, is the light. It’s the light which is dictating us when and how to use the time. Combination of light and time is one of the most visible aspects of the Prague. Every sunrise and sunset are offering us joyful feelings, which will never be seen and feel again in the same way due to light, time, place and season of watching. They are in harmony, and if you have a look around the town, you would see many interesting buildings with clocks. From sundials or astronomical clocks, to modern versions inclusive giant Metronom, where we have also New years celebration fireworks (and not just there).

Prague meridian (14 ° 25’17 “east longitude) which is situated near by Astronomical clock, at the Old Town Square, with a sign: “THE MERIDIAN WHICH THE PRAGUE TIME WAS DRIVEN BY IN THE PAST/ MERIDIANUS QUO OLIM TEMPUS PRAGENSE DIRIGEBATUR“ is not just place of time, but also place of lights. Famous Christmas markets, full of lights are well known for its magical spirit. In 2015, Prague was named „Best Holiday Destination“ by „USA TODAY 10 best“(readers choice), but this is not only lights you could see in the Prague. Incredible play with time and lights could be seen every night due to the way how the Prague’s monuments are illuminated. First lights illuminate objects from the 10th century, each additional object of a century younger is lighted every following 3 minutes.  Extinguishes in reverse order (with small individual specifics and times). The most important is to be at the right time on a right place, to enjoy this beautiful moments.


As mentioned earlier, every season has something special and magical to share with us, therefore the Prague’s summer solstice should not be missed. It could be seen from the Charles Bridge, which stands a few meters upstream than its predecessor Judith Bridge. Due to this move, the solar show can be watched. This solar show is also the tribute to the patron of the Czech Kingdom, St. Wenceslas.

As the time flow, some Prague events were almost forgotten, but not the NAVALIS Saint John’s Celebrations with a three-hundred year tradition. This wonderful Baroque celebration on the water at Charles Bridge is an amazing play of lights in time.

Prague has its own stories, as „Dr.Faust“ (in fact, English Alchemist, mystic, and maybe also a spy of the English Queen Elizabeth I.), as well as mysticism,as  „mythical Golden cut“ (the ratio of 0.62), which goes across our three large squares. Horse market (now Wenceslas square), the Cattle market (now Charles square) and Hay market (now Senovážné square).  The Charles square is also known as the largest square in the Czech Republic and in Europe. (area of 80,550 m2).

Much more to be explored in Prague city which has protected city centre also by the UNESCO World Heritage Organization. Although Czech Republic is not so big, we have under the UNESCO World Heritage protection in total 12 areas across the whole country and another 19 properties/areas on the tentative list. As the time flies, they may be even more places under the protection.

If you are not interested in none of these experiences, than Prague is always a good choice also for closing the business. Charles IV. wanted the Prague to be not just the centre of the culture, but also the centre of the business. I think, that his wish become the truth.

Why to travel and explore the Prague by yourself now and not later? Well, if the beauties and the stories of the town one day disappear, like „mythical Atlantis“, there would be no way back and the only thing which will remain would be an empty pictures on the internet. Take a chance to explore the Prague by yourself while it is possible as well as while there is what to see. Prague beauties will never disappear? Well, we were very closed to it once the big flood came in 2002.

The history of this magical town goes with every your step, with every your breath. What you need to do is just discover it! So what are you waiting for?