Maison Albar Hotel Paris Céline

Maison Albar Hotel has been influenced by a legacy of classy tradition, Parisian charm and the art of boldness, described by Céline has “a real ‘Maison’ which means ‘Home’”. A unique experience with a personalized service, the hotel preserves a rich family history and a combination of tradition of high tech that can be seen throughout its stylish design.

Due to its refined, distinctive and welcoming atmosphere, the group become a leader in top-end independent Parisian hotels, with 33 hotels in the 4 and 5 star categories, mostly placed in the heart of Paris.
With sixty rooms, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, well-being space and tailormade services, it proposes an innovative, chic and exclusive hotel concept. The simple lines are set off by excellent furniture, in the art deco style from Henryot & Cie and lights by Tom Dixon and DelightFULL.

Céline Albar – Falco

Since the very first hotel was acquired in 1923, four successive generations have embraced the albar family vocation, and the Maison albar Hotel Paris Céline is the fruit of a deep passion that has been with me for a long time. I grew up in a hotel, lulled by a time-honoured tradition of hospitality, inheriting a love for attentive service, catering to people, with a sense of the profession. Out of a concern to hand down our values faithfully and to step into the new world, I have given my best endeavours, with commitment and enthusiasm, to further our own particular narrative and its place in the history of the French luxury sector. My husband, Jean-Bernard Falco, and I have innovated, reinvented, and developed establishments through the Paris inn Group, always keeping uppermost in our hearts and minds a standard of excellence.
I wanted to create a new place where people could come and savour a refined, personalised, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. a real “Maison” which means “Home”. This Parisian establishment, I thought it out and conceived it down to the tiniest detail, along with a team of talented architects, designers, caterers and artists, in order to combine elegance and modernity, simplicity and cutting edge services. From the “custom” furniture to the high tech equipment, we took care to seek out the best to offer a memorable encounter where everyone can feel at home.