Exclusive Properties for Nomad Travelers

Being a Nomad is one of the most rewarding lifestyles, having the opportunity to be a person who does not stay long in the same place is a present. After the pandemic we learned that being a wanderer is a great gift of life, the possibility to travel without restrictions and measures is invaluable. Nomad Guru has given the possibility to thousands of travelers around the world to stay for corporate and leisure in the most amazing and iconic places in Colombia, South Florida, and New York. From the historic city of Cartagena all the way to the busy streets of Times Square. Get your personal penthouse at the W Residences in Miami, 300-year-old colonial Villas in Cartagena, private Islands in the Caribbean paradise, your trip has no limits.

Being a Nomad is an easy task, just take your passport and luggage and get ready to travel worldwide. Excitement comes when you choose your destination and where to spend your nights. Nomad Guru will help you live any experience you want: whenever, wherever. Top it with your private flight charter or cruise the sea with your dreamy yacht, enjoy and live the experience with us.

Each of the properties is hand-picked with the highest quality and ultimate luxury standards.

The United States and Colombia are easily accessible from different cities in the European Union, so get ready to fly to new places and experience new cultures. Lifestyle is a way of life becoming trendier every single day, ​people have understood that experiences and good memories are more valuable assets than an expensive watch or extravagant clothing. Especially when the pandemic taught us that we could not leave our home, so what are these apparels or watches for?

This is why Nomad Guru has come to offer the best memories and experiences to individuals, families, and friends that are trying to look for unforgettable experiences while staying at fascinating places, with otherworldly concepts and history. We have hosted travelers from 150 countries in our vast portfolio of more than 200 exclusive places. We connect owners with desirable clients to be accommodated at their places while offering all of our customers their full satisfaction and needs. Now that work from home is more possible than ever, people are looking to escape their normal and adventure into a different home away from home, with endless possibilities and only requiring a stable internet connection you can be anywhere enjoying your day at work. From drinking and smelling fresh coffee in the mountain coffee region of Colombia, to enjoying the enviable weather in the golden beaches in South Florida.

Nomad Guru is a leading company in the corporate and vacation rental market. Our company is making the difference by offering comprehensive integral services and solutions for owners and real estate developers based on innovative technology, real-time feed, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and a continuous adaptation to markets. Our set of systems and services enable our clients to control their investments more effectively and operate more profitably. Nomad Guru was one of the top-selling companies in 2019 in Latin America via Airbnb platform. With our best-in-class technology, we are able to market and operate any property worldwide, similar to a “cloud hotel”. The company is now expanding its business to Los Angeles and with plans to start operations in Spain, commencing with the magical Barcelona.

For more information visit www.nomad-guru.com