Tom van Soest

SC-Tom van Soest

The origin of StoneCycling lies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

For his graduation project Tom van Soest – co-founder of the company – focused on circular transformation of the building sector. In Eindhoven, home basis of the Design Academy, many buildings were left behind empty. Lack of users, bad quality of the buildings and perhaps a belief in the ever-growing real estate market created a situation of buildings becoming obsolete and therefore demolished.

Debates about how to go about this development were held everywhere, also at the Design Academy. For Tom, the solution was clear: perhaps the buildings are waste, but if you find value in the materials they are made of, the situation will change drastically. This led to the birth of StoneCycling in 2012. StoneCycling found a way to use demolition and industrial waste as raw materials for creating products with higher value.

StoneCycling creates unique and sustainable building materials. By using various waste materials as the main input, we are able to create highly personal surface materials that give each building a unique and sustainable look.

We invite our clients to create their personal surface material together with us. In doing so our clients help us to clean up the world and to work towards a circular future.

Tom van Soest  Tom van Soest  Tom van Soest