The Smartest Business Card of 2021

Imagine the next time you meet a potential business prospect, you don’t share a cheap paper business card, but a business card that underlines you and your brand’s quality and luxury status.

Traditional business cards are outdated for several reasons. First of all, they lack in quality, mission out on leaving an impression. Second of all, they are short-sighted. 88% of business cards get thrown away within a week, because people don’t need a service, now! And the last point that concerns everybody, the masses of trash they leave are an unnecessary burden to the environment.

Lemontaps offers customized cards that not only look stunning but smartly work for you as well. With NFC-Technology, this card is the key to sharing not only contact details but much more with a simple tap.

The best part is, their customers don’t have to choose between luxury and a clear conscience towards the environment. From day one, Lemontaps has been working on presenting sustainable and high-quality products.

Hardware combined with Software

The symbiosis of Hardware and Software stands for a higher goal. The goal to combine an offline with an online identity, fusing in-person created trust and the endless possibilities of digital networking.

The line of Hardware includes cards in a range of materials. Starting with a simple plastic card that gets its elegant look from a matt finish print. For the more daring kind, Lemontaps’ most luxurious premium metal card is the perfect fit. A card made entirely of stainless steel, with a matt black finish and beautifully engraved designs. The next addition to the set will be the most sustainable solution yet. Lemontaps is working on bringing out a 100 % biodegradable wooden card, that not only impresses with an elegant and natural look but long-lasting durability.

Each card includes an NFC-Chip, here the Software comes into play. The chip stores information to a personalized Lemontaps profile. This profile acts as a digital business card, on which much more than just contact details can be included; links to different websites and social media accounts, pictures, documents, and much more. All the information on the profile can be updated anywhere at any time with a few clicks. The recipient of the digital business card does not neet to have the hardware or an additional sofware. They simply simply have to tap their phone against the card, without actually having to touch it, and can download the contact details on the digital business card directly into their contact list. At the same time through social channels, a deeply rooted connection is established that makes it easy for both sides to follow up on business inquiries at any time in the future.

What does the brand stand for?

“What the brand Lemontaps stands for is simple.

Lemontaps is a driver for digitalization in business.

The most important part of business is the customer relationship and Lemontaps is not only concerned with having a unique relationship with their customers but yet again for them to have a unique relationship with their own customers.

The main focus of our brand is to make a core part of life, networking private or business-related, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

And while doing all of that, we are planning to keep our planet safe in every way possible.”

— describes Co-Founder Anna Loerzer

About the Company

Behind the brand, stand two founders, Anna Loerzer and Raji Sarhi. They met during their studies in Germany, where they were already bringing business and technology together in their field of study – economical engineering. In 2020 their company, Lemon Innovations and Technology was founded in the inspiring metropolis Barcelona in Spain. To this day, they count more than 500 users in 10 different countries all around the world.