Christmas shopping starts NOW!

The year 2020 is one of the strangest years in history. Never before did we see the world go into lockdown, where people had to stay home, and airports and shopping malls became ghost towns. Remote working became the new normal, and e-commerce grew at a speed never seen before. Shopping almost came to a complete standstill, and brands and events have been struggling to survive. For EuropeanLife this has been a time to work harder than ever. We have expanded our product lines and our sales teams, and with renewed energy we want to help all brands and designers still make the best of 2020.

What better time to sell your brand and your luxury designs than Christmas shopping time? We want to offer all brands and designers the opportunity to be seen in our luxury community and help save 2020 as a year of great success in our Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide.

Today, we started our campaign: Christmas shopping starts NOW!

It’s time for all of us to get out of our lockdown and start the economy up again. What better time to get back on the international market to show your beautiful designs than Christmas?

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide is the most powerful guide to reach our luxury lovers. It will be distributed in many ways, and it will be in clients‘ hands for many months. This guide will be promoted directly on your website, and it will be interactive, so you can show your product in 3D or add some promotional video to your page.

This week, we interviewed Oksana Sokolovsky, Founder of ROAR, a platform for augmented reality, in EuropeanLife Experts Talks. Our interactive magazine brings pages to life, and augmented reality is the best way to do this. Oksana explains how to use this technique for events and retail to give clients an intense experience of reality while reading the magazine. It is the perfect marketing tool for the ‘new normal’. Read this interview with Oksana on our website and get in touch to find out how to work with us.

To all designers, brands and retailers – I hope to see you in our Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide, and we will get all these luxury lovers back in the shopping game. Everybody loves this time of the year, so spoil your loved ones, and enjoy the cosy Christmas atmosphere in the shopping streets. Let’s bring that feeling back in our interactive shopping guide.

Reserve your pages today!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch