Exhibitors Registration ITM Beirut

ITM Beirut Event Magazine offer!

Thank you for being part of the International Event Magazine of ITM Beirut 2019.
ITM Beirut partner up with EuropeanLife Events to present you, as the exhibitor, to the world in a great presentation magazine in Europe, Asia and USA.
You will be part of their international campaign.
EuropeanLife will make a magazine for ITM Beirut and will promote this magazine in exclusive distribution channels in Travel & Tourism Industry.
The magazine will also be published as part of the EuropeanLife Magazine October 2019!

This exclusive ITM package includes: ;
• 2- 4 or 6 pages in the ITM Beirut event magazine;
• An editor and designer for your perfect article;
• Your article will be published on the EuropeanLife Website;
• Your article will be part of ITM International Marketing Campaign (reach 1.3 mln);
• Your article will be shared on Social Media, Newsletter, VIP mailing, Youtube;
• You will receive a PDF of your article to share with your clients;

30% discount for ITM exhibitors; €500,- per page!

2-pages article, full colour:          €  999,-
4-pages article, full colour:          € 1750,-
6-pages article, full colour:          € 2500,-

**All prices are excl. 21% VAT

Thank you for your reservation. Our editors and designers will take care of your article and promotion in the best way.