“With Augmented Reality”

As we enter, eventually, a post-COVID world, and safely start living outside our homes again, the concept of lifestyle – one’s style, in fact, one’s quality of life – is undergoing a renaissance.  In New York City, where lifestyle is synonymous with living, the desire to return to “normal” is urgent, and lifestyle takes on a brand new importance.

Dining al fresco is an enhanced experience, as Manhattan’s notoriously congested streets become closed to traffic, and open to outdoor restaurant seating.  The world-famous Yankees play baseball in an empty stadium – but at least competitive sports are BACK!  Lines form for haircuts, Starbucks and retail shopping, but with little complaint:  There is thanks, and relief to be mobile and free again…

And the spring and early summer real estate surge, when New York City home-buyers traditionally emerge from ‘hibernation’ to make plans for transitioning in the fall, is largely taking place now, mid-summer.  Pent-up demand – especially, in these still uncertain times, for larger properties with outdoor space (balconies, yards, patios, perhaps a swimming pool, tennis or basketball court) – is very real.

“It’s circular motion”, says J. Michael Glovsky, a luxury real estate consultant with BARNES International Realty.  “Those with means to ‘escape New York’ – from the crowded elevators, the shared building lobbies, and yes, perceived new dangers from social unrest – This type of buyer is trading up, to larger homes or private townhomes.

“At the same time, those with entry-level, more modest budgets are reaping the spoils:  ‘abandoned’, newly attainable Manhattan real estate in ‘location, location, locations‘ that may not have been an option for them three or four months ago.”

In trendy downtown SoHo, for example, BARNES New York offers both a cute and perfect hotel studio residence and a soaring brick-walled loft condominium, at each end of the budget spectrum… while outside of the city, in commuter suburbs like Westchester County, or green and bucolic upstate New York, generously proportioned 4-bedroom homes, some with pools, mountain air, lake views and water rights, welcome 2020’s weary ex-city dwellers.  There is also the traditional ‘flight south’ for New Yorkers, with many now considering Florida as a full-time, versus annual (“snowbird”), lifestyle destination.

No matter the budget, the motivation, the asset class targeted or left behind, trusted advisor J. Michael Glovsky, with the BARNES New York and BARNES Miami real estate teams, stands uniquely positioned to provide qualified sales intermediary and luxury real estate consultation, designed to adapt to evolving times and an emerging, ongoing lifestyle renaissance.

The well-established BARNES brand of luxury real estate, with an integrated corporate structure (importantly, not a franchise network), combines high-end real estate offers and expertise with a variety of complementary service sectors, including yachtingart advisoryvineyards and family office/wealth management.  Maison BARNES currently has a presence in 60 global cities, from main capitals to the most prestigious vacation destinations, and operates in 15 countries promoting and celebrating the French Art of Living … Lifestyle in the truest sense of the word.

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