Architect Ma Yansong in Center Pompidou-Paris

Initiated by I-TALK, the China’s first original video series to interview renowned architects lively, A Meeting with Architects, will launch on 13th June.

After the hugely successful first season of audio programme to discover the unknown life of architects I-TALK, A Meeting with Architects will take the audience to the construction sites and to understand the essence of architecture by listening to the architects. The camera will capture the surge moment of inspiration and to explore the spirit of times.

In the first season, master architects such as Ma Yansong, Zhang Yonghe, Steven Holl and many more will tell their stories of dream-making. They will narrative current architectural status quos, but also demonstrate abundant inspiration and enlightenment while they break through the conventions.

Ma Yansong – Anti-Success Philosophy of A “Naughty Boy”

The superstar of the architecture world, Ma Yansong, is the first interviewee of A Meeting with Architects. The producer followed MA Yansong to Paris, witnessing the highlight moments of his permanent collection exhibition in the Center Pompidou.

Ma Yansong became famous at a young age and is regarded successful example of Chinese architects. However, he is not a traditional role model with rebellion, unrestraint and dream-driven deep in his spirit. From the Paris trip with Ma Yansong featured in the video, the story of his dream architecture and how he lives and works as a ‘naughty boy’ reveals.

How to create immortality in the era of rapid change

Ma Yansong X Chen Lvsheng

On 13th June 2019 in Shanghai, a talk between architect Ma Yansong and curator Chen Lvsheng will unveil the first episode of A Meeting with Architects. They will share their opinions on How to create immortality in the era of rapid change.

While the advanced technology hugely facilitates modern life, the craving for commercial civilization and material things follows. Magnificent architectures are built everywhere, and a question has risen – how can they built for last?

Ma Yansong believes that architectures are built for long lasting, not for short-term commercial benefits. His works have unique artistic styles from the so-called classics. However, Chen Lvsheng has high praise over Ma’s work. He feels that his works are a perfect combination of sustainability and humanization, which is a timeless philosophy of design.