Many dimensions of luxury


Many dimensions of luxury

What is luxury normally associated with? Power, control and ability to maintain a distance. How is it expressed? By proper choice of clothing and the right attitude.  Luxury makes you stand out. It is a symbol of status and position in both material and immaterial world.

Living a life of luxury, one is able to appreciate the surrounding world peacefully and from a distance. They are unaffected by strong emotions, they react calmly and with consideration.

By consciously enjoying their luxurious life, people begin to give off positive vibes. By appreciating the sense and meaning of seemingly trivial things, one is able to create an air of harmony, distance and distinctness. Emblems, true indicators of uniqueness attract attention. They make the world and events more meaningful and convey the sense of control over how one’s surroundings and friends are perceived.

Luxury should be displayed in a manner coherent with another notion: luxurious identify. Luxury itself comes down to using exclusive goods, while luxurious identity is a statement of one’s attitude. These two elements should supplement each other, making the person enjoying them , seem unique. Luxury is also tied to the way one thinks and perceives the world. It allows them to create a proper hierarchy of goals and resist the urge to follow the common beliefs. It is a way of manifesting the will and ability to express one’s opinion. It is tied to being self-conscious, to being able to identify and control one’s emotional states. There are many dimensions to experiencing luxury. It can be experienced by both psyche and soma. It involves means of expressing oneself both internally and externally. External displays of luxury can by expressed twofold: by owning goods and attributes tied to luxury, such as exclusive clothing, jewellery and property; and by respecting and taking care of one’s physical appearance.

The approach towards luxury items is a display of one’s understanding of their surroundings, by expressing their own needs and expectations. By selecting luxurious clothing or jewellery, one is able to set trends. By picking art for one’s office or home, they are able to show off their interests and abilities. All of that helps to create an image of a unique, self-conscious person. A person that makes choices and follows their own tastes. A person that stays in touch with their inner self and is able to show it to others.

Care for one’s looks can be emphasized by appreciating food and activities. A great example of that is caring for how a particular dish is made and served, and enjoying the taste that helps create that exquisite atmosphere. Same can be said about taking care of one’s body. By using luxurious cosmetics and treatments, one is able to show concern for his/her well-being. It creates the atmosphere of respect, appreciation for quality, high self-esteem and self-appraisal.

Internal displays happen on the level of mind and consciousness and reflect the psycho-physical balance, sensitivity to one’s surroundings and oneself.

In order to allow luxury to help and stimulate one’s development, it should have a positive effect on the sense of balance and completeness and on the combined identity and actions of a person.

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