Where Fashion Meets Gourmet

by Bella Sovmiz:

Paris, some might argue, is the reigning Fashion Capital of the World. I will not engage in a dispute with the staunch supporters of the Big Apple or Milan to defend this position but will merely say that a few times a year, the French capital certainly becomes the Mecca, the Holy Grail, the Arc to the Fashion universe.IMG_4833
I happened to be in the City of Light for the Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week. Our trip involved a big family celebration and we invariably ended up crossing paths with the fashion pack. It has proven to be an invaluable tour guide of the illustrious Parisian “high life”, as our celebratory day mirrored the contents of a diary of a typical attendant of the Fashion Week and it was glorious.

Today I share with you my experience in one of the most exclusive and illustrious of Paris’ many bistros.
As you navigate the spacious pavements of avenue des Champs-Élysées, crawling with tourists that flock to the most visited city in the world, you might be hard pressed to find peace and quiet. L’Avenue, nestled on the luxurious avenue Montagne, provides the sweet respite to those that value impeccable service and immaculate cuisine, served with a side of glamour.LAvenue-salad

The restaurant reigns supreme in the ranks of ‘places to be seen’ of Parisian eateries, as the beloved lunch place for the trendy, rich and famous. The location dictates the high-end mood just as much as the illustrious clientele does. The menu caters for the refined tastes of the discerning palates of its often-famous patrons with a variety of deconstructed, light and gourmand meals. The drinks selection ranges from creative cocktails to the ‘best-of-the-best’ of the Champagne region of France. But most importantly, given the usual clientele, you are almost guaranteed to be treated to immaculate service (or the Parisian variation of such, at the very least).

You may prefer to enjoy a sunny afternoon on a terrace outside but be prepared for paparazzi that may be lying in wait for Rihanna or Kanye West (who incidentally was there on the day we visited) to pop in.
We opted to be inside the surprisingly spacious, light and airy restaurant, having first grabbed a few cocktails at the second-floor bar, as we waited to be seated. The wait was minimal and the clientele were a sight for sore eyes, all glamorous and elegant, with that certain “je ne said quoi” of the French (and international) jet-set crowd.Laveue-toast

A Niçoise salad and a bottle of Ruinart later, we made our way back toward the 2nd arrondissment, passing the sprawling avenue des Champs-Élysées. After our delightful afternoon in l’Avenue, the same street that was hectic and crowded earlier was now buzzing with the excitement of Fashion Week. I guess this is the “l’Avenue effect” and I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

by Bella Sovmiz