The very best of Spain

Discover the luxury side of the Iberian Peninsula

Imagine savouring the exquisite Spanish cuisine, sharing private dining experiences with some of the best Michelin star chefs in Spain, exploring the world of wine in ancient cellars or being stunned by the beauty of its vineyards. And what about improving your tennis serve or, why not, your swing with genuine golf champions like Juan Carlos Ferrero, triple champion of the Davis Cup, and Manuel Piñero, double world champion.

La Quinta 5th

Joya de España offers tourists a unique and different way to experience the Spanish lifestyle: the very best of local gastronomy, sports, art, culture, traditions and fashion areas in which Spain has positioned itself as an international leader. Spain offers the beauty and the resources to organise and design unique holiday experiences, and Joya de España’s motto is to provide the best of Spain by the very best.

Discover exclusive places declared World Heritage by UNESCO or experience the world of bullfighting with some of the most renowned Spanish bullfighters. You can also enjoy luxury Spanish fashion experiences, accompanied by fashion experts and meet some of its most prominent creators and designers the country has to offer.

These are some of the proposals on offer from Joya de España. Tailored-made itineraries and tour packages for leisure travel, incentive and events for travellers looking for something different. “With Joya de España ‘no’ is never an answer. Tell us what you need and we will get it”, says Ignacio Latorre, Sales and Marketing Manager at Joya de España. They are unique ’once in a lifetime’ experiences.

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Joya de España

was founded by Antonio Bernabé, who is passionate about Spain and exceptionally knowledgeable on just how much can be offered to his clients. During his career he has held positions such as Managing Director of the Spanish Tourism Institute and of the Valencian Tourism Institute. He has a broad experience in the management of destinations and tourism training. In this venture he offers you a new way of discovering Spain, while enjoying its lifestyle and customs to a maximum.

Discover the most exclusive boutiques in Madrid with fashion expert and former Miss Spain (1997) Inéz Sainz.

A unique and magical experience to enjoy the most exclusive brands of Madrid and the secret, hard to find, places. Upon request, you can be accompanied and advised by designers of the most spectacular fashion collections and jewels.

Explore the most exclusive shops of Madrid’s Golden Mile, stopping to recharge your batteries in the best food venues, selected specifically for you by food and fashion expert, and former Miss Spain, Inés Sainz.


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