Swig Luxury Flasks

By Gavin Darvell:

Some accessories immediately give the impression of being chic and luxurious and as a travel accessory goes, the Swig Hip Flasks certainly tick those boxes. Whether for yourself or a gift for a jet setting business partner or boss, a family member or friend, these flasks make for a luxury gift that cannot be underestimated.

Swig Luxury Flasks have been made with craftsmanship in mind. They are compact, light and beautifully made. Available in a number of styles to suit your taste. From the moment you receive the flasks in their individual boxes you know that this is a quality product. And with a growing range to choose from you can easily tailor the flask to suit the person it’s for.


As a travel accessory the hip flask is compact enough for you to carry without getting in your way. And with the leather holder; which comes in a variety of colours, giving added protection and chic, modern look. At the top of their range is the Scottish Heritage Leather Hip Flask. This range are extremely limited, with each pouch coming with a handwritten note from the leatherworker. Highlighting once again the quality of this product.


So if you want to you look cool out on the ski slopes or on that luxury yacht, then make sure to have a Swig Hip Flask close by. It’s the perfect luxury gift that can then be passed down through the generations. Don’t just take my word on that, for further details please visit their website http://swigflasks.com

Gavin Darvell