Premium Olive Oil of Mediterranean Tradition

A large amount of archaeological evidence reveals the existence of olive trees in Hellenic territory since the Neolithic era, that is, 7,000 years ago. The olive has been considered by the Greeks as a blessed fruit since ancient times: an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, power and beauty. Legends, traditions, religious and athletic ceremonies have been based on it. The olive branch was awarded to the winners of the Olympic Games from 776 BC. and in ancient times it symbolized peace and mandatory truce throughout the world throughout the duration of the Games.

It is from this tradition that World Excellent Products S.A. was born, a company driven by a passion for excellence in gastronomy, committed to delivering unique products. The idea of forming this company came from a group of inspiring people who shared a common devotion to quality and innovation in gastronomy. The group’s greatest ambition is to create one of the best premium olive oil brands, with sensational packaging design and excellent product quality. Its products are internationally recognized as they mix the unbridled symbolization of olive oil with the modern and functional design of today. Flavor, tradition and art is what your customers can find in each dish that is complemented by the delicious oil.

5 Olive Oil, is the name of the line of premium quality products around olive oil, from some of the best olive tree crops in the Mediterranean. The balanced, fruity flavor and low acidity of olive oil is the result of its regional origin in Peloponnese, Greece and its extraction of Koroneiki olives, the best variety available, as well as the highest quality standards maintained throughout the cultivation, harvesting and pressing, to then start the storage and bottling process.

In this 5 Olive Oil product line, olive oil lovers can find a product for each of their tastes, the varieties range from cold-extracted gourmet extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegar aged in French oak, from the best white grapes in Northern Greece.

All products are FDA certified and also have a Swarovski Elements certification, as they are great partners of the company and have the right to distribute it throughout the world.

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