Precise cut, bold taste

Not all whiskey rises from the pot stills equally. Those early compounds? Too sharp. Those late ones? Too earthy. At Powers Whiskey, they hone-in on the heart of the cut, and show the rest the drain. It’s the right call in the name of taste, even if the accountants don’t agree.
John Power & Son was one of the historic producers of Irish whiskey, he was an innkeeper who operated a “public house” at 109 Thomas St in Dublin. A public house was a combination tavern and hotel, It’s the origin of the term pub.

In 1791, Power added a small still to his public house. The distillery had an output of about 6,000 gallons, most of which was sold on the premises. By 1822, the company, renamed John Power & Son moved to a standalone distillery on John’s Lane. The next year, 1823, the British Parliament passed the Excise Act which rationalized the legal regulation of distillation and taxation of spirits. The Act marked the beginning of the Irish dominance of the global whiskey market.

By 1827, production had increased to 160,000 gallons. Capacity doubled to 300,000 gallons a year by 1833. The distillery was rebuilt and expanded in 1871 boosting production to 700,000 gallons per year. By 1900, at its peak, the distillery covered 6 acres of central Dublin, production had increased to over one million gallons. It had five pot stills, two of which, each at 25,000-gallon capacity, were among the largest stills in the world.

POWERS is all about the finer cut and the bolder flavor. It’s a simple story with a complex taste. This single pot still style of whiskey is unique to Ireland and is made from a mash of malted and unmated barley, triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills.
However, unlike other Pot Still Irish whiskey, POWERS goes further.
Discarding more top and tail of the second and third charges, the brand honors a bold tradition of excellence that saw James Powers whiskey become the most popular selling brand in Ireland. All three of the Powers whiskies are sweet and noticeably fruit forward with pronounced notes of stone fruits, peach and apricot, and tropical fruits, melon, mango and sometimes pineapple, and exceptionally smooth. Matured in mainly 2nd and 3rd fill American oak casks to protect and round out their carefully crafted robust distillate. It’s then blended with the finest grain whiskey, exclusively matured for an unmistakable flavor. It’s a start, middle and ending like no other whiskey.

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