Koy Shunka for an exceptional Japanese experience

By Kristina-Poluyanova:

If you are looking for an exceptional food experience in Barcelona, if you love sushi, raw fish and any type of seafood, if you are looking for a “show” and not just a casual dinner – “Koy Shunka” is the place to be.

“Koy Shunka” (www.koyshunka.com) is a Japanese restaurant that offers its visitors a spectacular cooking show since all the food is prepared in front of you by authentic Japanese sushi creators and seafood specialists.

“Koy Shunka” offers 2 types of menu: the first one consists of 8 dishes including one dessert. The second one is made of 10 dishes/person and 2 desserts. Every dish you will try will look like a piece of art.

“Koy Shunka” is all about details and these details are what will make your gastronomic journey so different from a typical dinner. Frist of all, you will have to eat sushi with hands, not chopsticks. You can find several examples of the dishes you can try here: oysters with caviar and mango sauce with seafood. Once you get served every new dish, the cook will explain you what it consists of.

In case you think “Koy Shunka” is for you, do not forget to reserve a table a week or two in advance. The average price per person is around 100 euros but the experience is totally worth it!

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