Inspired Wines from Nemea

The relationship of the Lafazanis family with wine starts 65 years ago. After World War 2 – in 1946 – Vassilis Lafazanis started producing wines in Piraeus, where the family settled after its uprooting from Smyrna, Asia Minor, from where it is originated. Later on, and around 1960, the first family owned winery was established in the town of Magoula, Attica and was equipped with the meager means at the time.

In a reconstructed country as Greece, the wine as a traditional product of the land, contributes to the flourishing economy, also accompanying people´s everyday life. In 1985, Spyros Lafazanis – the second generation of the family – having grown up among the aromas of wine and after studying oenology at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Athens, decided to continue the family tradition, by also adding a new goal: The use of unique varieties can accommodate the Greek land, especially of the polydynamic Agiorgitiko, by the parallel contribution of modern technology and new scientific methods of vinification. So, in 1993, he selects one of the most important wine-producing regions of Greece, Nemea PDO zone, to create a sophisticated and elegantly architectural winery, surrounded by privately owned vineyards at an altitude of 300-400meters.

There is thus the first – non-local –winemaker to establish and invest in the region of Nemea, believing in its possibilities and prospects and opening the door to the establishment of some of the most famous vineyards in the country. Today, Lafazanis Winery is one of the most modern ones in Greece, with its annual production capacity reaching the 5,000 tons. The company currently holds a strong position in the domestic market, while over 20% of its production is exported to over 10 countries, such as the UK, USA, China, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, etc. Philosophy The winery’s philosophy is to produce and to offer to the consumers, wines of high quality at an excellent price / quality ratio.

For this purpose, Spyros Lafazanis and his colleagues choose and utilize the most important mainly Greek but also international grape varieties of the best and dynamic vineyards. By taking the best of each variety and by using selected winemaking methods and technical equipment & scientific criteria, combining them with a special talent they manage to give to consumers truly exceptional wines of quality and substance. The main objective is: “Wines produced from each of our selected vineyards plus the knowledge & experience that come with it, to become “property” of all.”

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