100% Swiss High-Quality Chocolate, in your City

mySwissChoco is the only Swiss chocolate company that allows you to open your own 100% Swiss chocolate store -abroad. For many people, snow-capped mountains and green pastures are certainly elements that characterize Switzerland, and if you add in delicious Swiss chocolate, the image is complete.

It is with this fairytale background, that mySwissChoco was born at the end of 2013; Its founder and CEO, Sandro Glaus, created the concept with the aim of offering, exclusively abroad and through licensed and franchised stores, a delicious Swiss chocolate experience, entirely handmade and where customer can customize their own, unique handmade Swiss chocolate bar. Starting from this idea, the company created his first laboratory and hired three of the best Swiss chocolatiers and pastry chefs, they made the basic recipes that make, mySwissChoco´s products distinctly unique, allowing the company to win several awards.

In 2017, the company introduced high quality Italian coffee drinks and soft ice cream made with Swiss Chocolate to allow foreign entrepreneurs to open am original Swiss Chocolate store in their respective countries.

In January 2017, the Swiss Confederation issued a “Swissness” law to strengthen the international protection of the name and brand of “Swiss”, “Switzerland”, “Swiss- Made”, etc. This new law was protected the company and allowed foreign partners to enjoy the benefits of a 100% Swiss product and system.

The innovations of mySwissChoco do not stop at the product alone. The company is in constantly improving its store concept and system to adapt to market needs.

One of these innovations is its 20m2 semi-mobile shop that can be positioned anywhere and is made from restored shipping containers in the company´s workshops in Switzerland and Italy. These mobile shops are ready to start and count with guaranteed training. The project responded to the health needs imposed by Covid-19 and also gives foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer something unique in their cities. And if a location does not achieve the desired results, the shop can be easily moved to a new destination.  The shop can also be financed entirely through a local financing company.

To adapt to a market that is highly saturated with chocolate companies in Switzerland, mySwissChoco decided not to have a store in the country. Instead, a team of over 70 employees, two productions laboratories and a small “show-room shop” ensures that all the products are made fresh daily and supplied directly, ready for sale.

This is a highly favorable business model for any entrepreneur since the candidates do not need previous experience in the chocolate industry, the stores are easy to manage, and the product does not depend on seasonality.

mySwissChoco is unique, utterly Swiss in its products and in system and comes complete with artisans and, last but not least, a delicious product!

A Swiss experience that will satisfy lovers of Swiss chocolate wherever they are in the world, all acocompanied by an excellent Italian espresso and a soft ice cream. In the words of Sandro Glaus, “You don’t need a Swiss passport to become Swiss”.

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