Kosta Vrahnos

Artisanal, Unique, Personal.  Kosta Vrahnos, Master Goldsmith and Certified Gemologist of The Highest Expertise

Kosta Vrahnos creates timeless memories with custom, unique jewelry and revives sentimental value through exclusively redesigned and repurposed jewelry pieces. Costa d’Oro has been a globally recognized and valued entity for many years. The Detroit based shop offers a highly exclusive and inspirational jewelry collection consisting of a range of aesthetically pleasing, exclusive and timeless pieces.

Kosta Vrahnos is a certified gemologist and master goldsmith, taking the fine art of mastering diamonds, gemstones and precious metals to the next level.  This includes filing, soldering and sawing of gold, but also the forging, casting and polishing of other precious metals such as silver and platinum.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, jewelry to add to your personal collection or something to surprise your spouse, Kosta Vrahnos does it all. His carefully curated collection of designs will make you and your loved ones feel special and treasured. The collection of jewelry, diamonds and gemstones consists of eloquently chosen materials and designs to fit anyone’s style and personal preference.

Diamonds – Gem Stones – Custom Designs – Appraisals – Expert Jewelry & Watch Repair

Costa D´Oro Fine Jewelry
Kosta E Vrahnos, Owner
Master Goldsmith – Certified Gemologist
+1 (313) 965 – 4139
333 E Jefferson, Suite 293
Millender Center
Detroit, MI 48226

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