Interview – Bernadet Bijsterbosch

Bernadet Bijsterbosch, managing director and editor of European Life Media Platform started recently an editors blog. In this interview Bernadet is telling more about her business and the blog.

Where did you grew up and where do you live now?

I am a Dutch woman, with a typical Dutch childhood, I travelled a lot and worked as HRM professional in my own company for many years. I was also a writer and wrote books. When I emigrated to Barcelona I started my own publishers office and started to publish magazines. Now I am living in Barcelona with my family for many years.

Why do you live in Spain?

The Mediterranean lifestyle fits me very well, the sun, the landscape and the lifestyle gives me a feeling of freedom and peace.  I also likes the dynamic of the international pioneers in Barcelona. Spain inspires me and let me enjoy life more. I wanted to live in a Metropolitan city surrounded by sea, mountains and nature, so we picked Barcelona and now Barcelona feels like home.

How did you come up with the idea of an European Life Media Platform ?

I like to talk to designers and entrepreneurs and with the crisis in Europe and the globalisation in this modern times I  find that a lot of brands silently disappear from the market. They know that their client is in other parts of the world but they don’t know how to reach these new markets. A lot of traditional magazines are too expensive for smaller brands and they focus at just one market. We showcase their brand in many markets, in many forms and much cheaper.  I thought that Europe needed such a platform, a meeting point and we like to be that platform.

Why are you in the Luxury Business?

I always liked to be a designer but I was just not talented enough. Next to that I would like to be part of the luxury industry and see if I can do good things with our success for people who can use some support. I enjoy being an entrepreneur and now I meet interesting people and that inspires me to help other entrepreneurs to be successful.

Blogging is very popular now a days. Why do you think this is?  

I think that followers and  fans, like to be closer to the person behind the blog. If they have something interesting to tell, or have a way of life they like, it feels that you travel a bit together with the blogger. You share an interest, a lifestyle. That connecting and the good feeling it gives makes blogging popular. We also think that it is the best way to get your product seen on local markets.

And why did you want to write a blog?

I am working in many projects, of course as owner of European Life, but also as an Ambassador of Microcredit for Mothers and I know a lot of very interesting entrepreneurs around the world. I like to connect people, projects and opportunities and I think the best way to do so is  to start a blog. I hope people can find me and we can do big wonderful things together!

What is the best thing about the blog?

The best thing I hope,  would be that people are getting a good feeling on many levels. On a business level to find new ideas, get information about the world of luxury, meet new people, or on a personal level; get inspired,  globalize, and enjoy entrepreneurship. I also hope that I can make an community of international people who likes to reach out and be a part of Europeanlife.

What subjects are interesting for your blog? Where are you going to write about?

EuropeanLife Multimedia Platform and the magazine,  my life as an editor, luxury industry , interesting people, events, our partners around the world, entrepreneurship, and I will probably share my thoughts, just for fun.

Where do you find the inspiration and the information for this?

As owner of EuropeanLife I meet a lot of people and have a lot of events. But also as an entrepreneur, ambassador, emigrant, traveller, mother…..there is so much to write about.

What is your overall ambition with European Life Media Platform? And in which way can the blog help with this ambition?

We will be the biggest platform for luxury brands in Europe to get the products of Europe on new markets. I hope to make more tools to help brands to be successful, to put Europe in the spotlights and to grow together by cooperation and developing globally.

I hope to organize events in other countries and be an important player on the market of luxury. I want to expand my wonderful EuropeanLife team all over the world.

My blog will help me to bring this message to the world and to get people to join our wonderful platform EuropeanLife, I see my blog as an invitation to do so!

I hope entrepreneurs, designers, luxurylovers, travelers, journalists and friends will follow me!

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