Unisa sandals with Swarovski

Unisa sandals embellished with
Swarovski Crystals SS16.

You can dress up simple in black. It doesn´t need to be anything extravagant, but if you want to give a sophisticated touch to your look what better way than to add a little sparkle to your accessories. Unisa shoes have just the right amount of shimmer which will be an investment you will never regret. They are considered to be a jewel, glamorous throughout every season, always elegant. Even the most basic look will seem perfect!

The Unisa SS16 styles will add a special shine to your feet thanks to the marvelous Swarovski crystals. This summery collection is made of flat sandals, bios, heels and wedges, all of which are made from the best leather and embellished with these fabulous Swarovski crystals.

This line of Unisa shoes decorated with Swarovski crystals achieves a Mediterrean feel by using pastels, black as well as metallic touches.

This collection has been made for non stop enjoyment. You can wear them to the beach with a light dress, to go for a drink in jean shorts combined with a worn out t-shirt or even to go out for dinner to a cool restaurant wearing a LBD. You can never go wrong!

Definitely a sure choice to shine on the most glamorous nights and the sunniest of days.

Shine like no other with Unisa!