Sophisticated fashion

Custo aims to show the feminity of women

In the newest fall and winter collection from Custo Barcelona, the brand shows a firm commitment to the sophistication of women’s wear. Reducing the temperature of the usual colour mixes they have left the centre stage to the amazing mix of high quality fabrics without losing the brand’s trademark.

Custo’s newest collection reflects the well-known Custo-DNA of sophistication and refinement, a path initiated last spring and summer and continued in this winter collection presented at the New York Fashion Week and 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

Custo is pushing design boundaries yet continuing with its chic, sophisticated and elegant face. They propose layers upon layers, with hairy coats, airy fabrics and transparant blouses, daring even with the ‘animal print’, that is entrenched in some parts.

The prints, another of the characteristic features of the brand, are being underlined by the use of base prints, such as tartan, which are also combined with fur in both the women and men’s collections. The best results are presented in dual fabrics combined in a single garment, which has been one of the key look of this new collection.


Typical winter colours (black, grey and camel) serve as the foundation on which bright colours like fuchsia, purple or even neon colours are applied. Also, the graphics reflected on silk with metallic effects illuminate an important part of the pieces.

This collection aims to show the feminity of women, highlighting the waist with black or chocolate coloured belts and settling into the straight lines, leaving the volume only for the sleeves, with their Japanese-inspired shapes.

Accessories such as shoes and hats, are military-inspired and based on combinations that are also used in the overall looks.
This collection is for a woman who likes to express her individuality, young spirit and understands fashion with some irony.

This collection is for a woman who likes to express her individuality

About Custo Barcelona

Custo was born in the Catalan capital Barcelona in the eighties, when the brothers Custo and David Dalmau opened their first clothing store. It started with men – mostly T-shirts – and later on they also introduced fashion for women. The main source of inspiration for the Catalan duo? The colourful clothes worn by surfers in California.

The brand Custo Barcelona was set up in 1996 and conquered the catwalk of New York in 1997. The brand went big with alternative, funky prints and the combination of different fabrics and bright colours, with the emphasis on creativity and individuality. Thus corduroy combined with lace, crochet sleeves and asymmetrical design have always been very common for Custo brothers. A formula that has been working well for years in Spain and even became so popular that the fashion world invented a new term for it: Customania.

Custo and David Dalmau didn’t stick to wild designs and patterns for T-shirts: their trademark was expanded to dresses, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, coats, skirts and the Custo PURE Collection of denim, scarves, shoes and even bikinis.

Custo Barcelona also proved to be popular worldwide: celebrities like Claudia Schiffer, the Backstreet Boys. Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts were spotted in the distinctive jerseys. Even Barbie appeared in Custo on her fortieth birthday. Also, television series like Friends, Dharma and Greg, Suddenly Susan, and television channels like MTV, showed Custo more than once.