Mounir Beauty Salon

Hairdressers can be divided into two types. Artisans who simply do their work, appreciate classical methods and proven results. But there are also great artists who bring hair styling to the art range. Mounir Beauty Salon definitely belongs to the second group.

For some it may be a great surprise, but we are talking about a man from distant Lebanon. His name is Mounir and he is one of the best hairdressing stars in the Middle East. He runs a network of renowned salons, as well as a popular Instagram account, which already watches over 5.5 million fans of his talent.

The technique of his work is amazing.

Mounir is a hairdresser from Lebanon who is famous for his shocking hairstyles made in less than 1 minute. He is specialized in a BOB hairstyle made in less than a minute. Creates perfectly balanced ombré hairstyles, beautiful bailage and extravagant wedding hairstyles, he creates perfect transformations and has many videos, so we can say his work is also educational.

Mounir is a hairdresser of many celebrities and is increasingly becoming famous in the show business. In addition to the two salons it has in Beirut, Lebanon, Mounir can be reached in two more locations in Kurdistan – Iraq. With more than 15 years of experience as one of Beirut’s most famous hair and beauty salons, Mounir is one of the city’s most celebrated names in hair and beauty.

The Theme Of The Cutting-Edge Salon Mounir Is, “Where Art And Passion Are Born” As Mounir’s Beliefs And Ideas Transcend Cultural Barriers. Renowned For It’s Trendsetting Visionary And Metamorphic Techniques, Mounir Is One Of The Most Sought-After Salons Across The Globe.

The salon prides itself on taking styles and colors into an upgraded level as it creates the best for you in a miraculous atmosphere unlike any other. Nurturing and caring, comfortable and indulging, Mounir is a contemporary experience that allows clients to unleash the beauty within, bringing art into hair.

This great brand went viral on social networks thanks to the videos of extreme transformations that they make to their clients, showing each step of the process and its beautiful result. The brand has become a pioneer of various hair dyeing techniques and processes for its care, in the world of beauty salons, Mounir sets trends. Clients from all over the world travel from everywhere to make an appointment in the prestigious salon and to be able to carry out their procedures in the hands of experts.

The brand has managed to position itself thanks to an excellent marketing and dissemination strategy through social networks, the content they generate and share with their audience is part of the consumer experience and gives potential customers the opportunity to learn about the process and results of the beauty procedure that you want to perform on your hair, this is the added value of the salon and that keeps them on top. Now more than ever, Mounir knows the importance of generating digital experiences for their clients and they leverage these tools to continue to prosper and grow, this exclusive salon knows how to stay relevant in the industry.