Michael & Giso – Custom Suit & Shirt making

Do you remember those iconic movies scenes where the wealthy few had their own private tailor? A luxurious service isn’t it? What if such a high level of service could become a standard in terms of men’s fashion?

During their time at college, Michael Oei and Rolf-Giso Heijkoop experienced too many fashion brands offering poor fitting clothes and an impersonal level of service. To solve this lack of quality and service, they started up their own brand in tailored fashion and in 2008 launched Michael & Giso. Over the years, they are redefining the way European gentlemen are shopping by providing a personal and authentic experience, based on the needs of the individual. Michael & Giso’s private tailoring service is the next big step in custom-made fashion. And now, it is time for Asia to get introduced to this experience.


Michael & Giso started from our own frustration” Michael explains. “We could never find shirts with a good fit. Too wide, too short. It always feels like you have to make a concession when you pull of a shirt from the rack.”

Michael & Giso is not a traditional fashion brand or retailer. The company is reinventing the entire retail industry by shortening the supply chain. Delivering custom-fit clothing with high quality service and personal attention that no other retailer can provide. Through their website, the company connects you with their own Private Tailor at no extra charges. The Tailor will meet you at home or in the office to take your measurements and introduce you to various fabrics and style options. You can choose from more than 1000 swatches of fabrics sourced directly from Italy. Their atelier will craft your shirt or suit by hand, based on your personal pattern, and within four weeks you will receive a shirt or suit that defines your style. Ready to re-order? You can easily login to the webstore (which has your measurements saved) or call your private tailor to get a personal advice.


“You can’t build a fashion brand and a relationship with your clients solely online,” said Michael. “We combine the online with an offline experience. The private tailor knows your taste, your style and your previous purchases. Our clients appreciate this high level of personal service.”

Asia is the next big step in this tailoring revolution. The company is planning to look for private tailors in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Bangkok and Singapore. Can’t wait to meet your own Private Tailor? Get on the list at www.michael-giso.com