Make up Store: Elevated Beauty Concept

By Bella Sovmiz:

Do you know those people that believe the beauty industry propagates a lie? Have you met those that think that using makeup is in itself a manifestation of bad intent or admission of complexes?

Well this post is not for such people. This post is for those that take pride in their appearance, use it to their advantage, have the creativity to use fashion and makeup to express themselves and do not apologise for liking the finer things in life. This post is for those that belong to the school of thought of the glorious Coco Chanel:


This post is also aimed at the audience that has transcended the basic requirements towards the products they choose and it introduces an elevated beauty concept. Let’s talk about brands that go the extra mile and exceed expectations.

One such makeup brand that has recently graced Cyprus with its presence is MAKEUP STORE. Founded in Sweden 25 years ago, the brand started with professional makeup artists as the target clientele. Needless to say, the quality of the product had to match the expectations of pro’s. Naturally, the sheer selection of formulas, shades and products had to appeal to those that have seen it all and frequently create makeup themselves. Well, 25 years on the brand has obviously secured the approval of the industry.


However, what sets it apart from other professional makeup brands? Why did MAKEUP STORE gather a loyal following of “normal” clients? Why do we need another makeup line in addition to those that seemingly already dominate the industry?

MAKEUP STORE does not test on animals. This limits the brand’s global market but appeals to those of us that feel 2015 is time, when technology helps us part with such archaic traditions.

MAKEUP STORE creates a nice canvas for your beauty but also protects your skin from absorbing known harmful ingredients. Long gone are the days of arsenic being a component of face powder (15 century Europe, to be precise), we now want our cosmetics to also help promote our health and beauty. The brand’s formulas do not use parabens, mineral oils and other known irritants. Sensitive skin types, rejoice, as you no longer have to sacrifice your creative ideas in favour of suitable products.

The design of the MAKEUP STORE products has an appeal to those that also value the aesthetically pleasing aspects of their cosmetics. With makeup brushes topped with bejewelled skulls, à la PHILIPP PLEIN or ALEXANDER McQUEEN, snake-print embossed lipsticks and glossy lacquered compacts, you will never want to lock these little treasures away into the cupboard and they will form part of the décor in your boudoir.


MAKEUP STORE operates over 200 stores worldwide and Cyprus has finally joined the ranks. The Limassol flagship store has joined such great company as “TSUM” in Russia, “AL AALI” in Bahrain and other luxurious shopping destinations in the world.

When in Limassol, MAKEUP STORE CYPRUS is definitely a landmark for all beauty enthusiasts out there.

Bella Sovmiz