Kraemer Alicante

Yannick Kraemer, founder of the brand KRAEMER PARIS

“ While developing the concept of the studio I was taking into consideration three main objectives: clients employees and future partners. And this turned out to be the right way – considerably fast the studios gained a lot of clients. Through the clients we found the key to success: step-by-step we started to change the stereotypes of standardized and identical hairstyles in France and beyond.


I develop quality arts, encouraging creative expression. That is why in the Kraemer group everyone creates his own space, allowing customers to learn more about the individual aspects of each person. The main concept is to create beauty in the personal, individual way.”

What can we say about Kraemer Paris Alicante?

It is a luxurious beauty studio on the seaside with spirit of creativity and natural beauty. You will find several rooms with lots of light and a special sector for spa treatments and massages.


The history

The professionals in the studio have more that 36 years of experience in the industry. They have a special unique approach to every client. It is not just the beauty sector they operate in: the purpose is to create a real art.

First the professionals started to work with one of the most famous brands in the industry – Dessange (during thirty years). After establishing 6 beauty studios with this huge group it was decided to open 4 studios in Paris. The goal was reached – Kraemer Paris is among the top beauty studios in France.

Alicante and its beautiful nature inspired the team to open the new studio in Spain. The studio in this city has a high standard policy of the hairdressing sector. Alicante turned out to be a cosmopolitan city, what is very important for the company.

About the studio

While hiring professionals to work with, the team values creativity and personal approach. All the professionals in the studio have a fresh eye and a full of brilliant ideas for every client. Our clients are not scared of changes, they are ready to find their unique style and show their natural beauty – what is the main goal of the studio. In the studio is always the atmosphere of holidays, creativity and positive emotions.

The doors of Kraemer Alicante are always open for those, who are searching for the quality. There are no boarders for the creativity. The cosmopolitan atmosphere helps to make the life of the studio very active and interesting. Here you can meet clients from France, Spain, Russia, Italy and England sitting next to each other and having a nice chat.


Basically 50% of clients are Russians (who are well known for their demand and perfectionism), 25% French (what is quite logical as the majority of the staff is French), 10% Spanish (what is a really good indicator as Spanish people do not like to change their hairdressers and do not like to change their beauty studios), 15% – other nationalities. The team of the studio speaks in six languages!