Italy is always a good idea

By Alima Melik:

When in my family raises the question, where to go for a summer holidays, all in one voice called Italy. If you at least once have been in Italy, you forever and irrevocably fall in love with this country, with its charming and romantic narrow streets, the unique Mediterranean cuisine and famous Italian gelato, the fascinating architecture and, undoubtedly, hospitable and stylish inhabitants.

As I have always been interested in fashion, its history and national features, each time visiting the different Italian cities, it strikes me how skillfully Italians combine clothes, always look expensive and at the same time simple, without any frills. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that some of the most prominent designers hail from this beautiful country. My passion for fashion generated a new hobby connected with searching new and local designers in the market and also little private boutiques ant vintage ateliers.

The first new name in Italian fashion market is Paola Bonacina. This brand, which is producing exclusive handmade bags, has two showrooms: in Lodi and Milano. The general idea of the brand is to create objects that are unique, have a high quality, can be used by women in their everyday life and thus don`t deteriorate over time. Having browsed the collection of bags, I was inspired to create several looks to understand how they are combined with different styles of clothing.

The first look was created for active and business woman who works in the big city, but does not forget to look stylish and elegant. Portofino and film «Innamorato Pazzo» with Ornella Muti inspired me to create the second and third romantic looks, where I used the piton bags and the bracelets from brand Paola Bonacina. The looks will be suitable to stroll through the streets, looking the city or take a walk on a yacht. I am sure that every woman can find «her» bag from this brand.

One more brand name in Italian market is Coliac, the owner Martina Grasselli, who has worked with the famous brands like Christian Louboutin and Stella McCartney. This brand caught my attention with its interesting and sophisticated details, and I wanted to try a pair of shoes as soon as I saw. And one more look with my favorite pair.

Alima Melik