Exciting season perfums

Santa Eulalia presents its ‘NECTAR’
Santa Eulalia, the historic fashion atelier-boutique, was opened in 1843 in the heart of the Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Today it stands in the Passeig de Gracia district, and, with its sophisticated touch in top brand selections, is recognized as one of the top 20 exclusive shops in the world. The first collection of fragrances, launched with Intertrade in 2014, is dedicated to its passionate admirers: globetrotters and fashion connoisseurs from throughout the world. The designer case that holds the fragrances is the work of the visual graphic artist Mario Eskenazi, expert in typographic style and master of minimalism. The collection of fragrances produced by Celso Fadelli President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group is an invitation to live and explore the city of Barcelona, where visual emotions and aesthetics flirt hand in hand with olfactory fascination.
After Vesper, successfully presented at UNSCENT in 2015, comes Nectar, a cocktail of floral-fruited essences, the aroma of holidays. The setting for this experience is the Costa Brava, the charming blue coast that stretches from Barcelona to the
French border. The Costa Brava takes its name from the inaccessible, primitive and unrestrained character of its nature
(‘brava’ in Spanish means ‘wild’). Nectar coils around those who imagine walking along its white beaches, enjoying and bathing in the crystal clear waters and immersing themselves in its hidden coves. The surrounding natural woodland has the aroma of citrus fruits that refresh the skin, softened by coconut and vanilla and a spicy hint of saffron that tends to evoke an image of
Latin America.
‘Nectar carries us toward the sensation experienced on the more exotic beaches of the Costa Brava. Walking on white sand, where the water glints with turquoise reflections. Embraced by aromatic fruits, a taste of exotic life with a touch of white flowers. A unique blend of coconut, saffron and lily of the valley, with the refreshing energy of lemon leaf and a light touch of Vanilla Absolute. “Sophisticated as a summer cocktail, in a dream where Spain and Latin America meet”, says Luis Sans, proprietor and director, together with Sandra Domínguez, of the most famous multi-store in Spain.

A LAB ON FIRE is a limited production brand, wrapped in the mystery and genius of stimulating collaborations with the most brilliant talents in the world of perfumery.
Each fragrance is created by a famous nose with high quality raw materials, capable of evoking a sense of ingenuity and refinement. Since 2015 the desire to grow to international level has brought A LAB ON FIRE to Intertrade Group, which has been commissioned to develop its brand on a Global scale. No one knows exactly how A LAB ON FIRE operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brand’s creative mind, conducts his business: its identity is a secret. A citizen of the world with a creative spirit, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in São Paulo in Brazil, grew up in Japan, and now lives near Marfa in Texas. 2016 sees the launch of Eau d’Ipanema, inspired by Carlos’s own childhood in Brazil. Carlos moved from San Paolo to southern Japan at a young age, and his childhood memories are often hazy. Those that he treasures most are linked to a photo of Carlos in his father’s arms on the beach of Ipanema itself. After his father’s premature death, soon after, Carlos left the white beaches, the aromas and the colours of his beloved Brazil for Japan. The name of Ipanema has echoed in his mind over the years also thanks to the musical leitmotiv of “The Girl from Ipanema” to which he listened in order to rekindle the memory. Years later, Kusubayashi decided to create a fragrance that could embody the atmosphere of Brazil, and the memories connected to his father and Ipanema, thanks to the collaboration with the nose Jean-Marc Chaillan, who knows Brazil very well due to his Brazilian’s wife and the essences connected to the area around Rio de Janeiro. A jus with a Latin soul created on the wave of an introspective olfactory experience, that will surprise for its fresh, sweet notes, between flowers and much much fruit.

This season welcomes the launch of the first floral fragrance created by Agonist. A voluptuous fragrance that joins an eleven perfume collection by the Swedish fragrance house. The typical Scandinavian touch is evident in the body notes, energizing and catchy.
An olfactory journey through the scents of nature, dominated by the queen of all flowers: the rose. Ethereal as the summer breeze, with a bit of bite at the end that pulls you into an elegant floral vortex. They dream of surprising, flowering again like nature in the springtime, overt femininity is reconciled with the freedom of expression. FLORALUST celebrates a renewed spontaneity, light but not frivolous, and of course striking. An invisible flower bouquet to be gifted with grace.
And to do that, Niclas and Christine Lydeen have relied on Intertrade’s perfumers to build their own personal language of flowers.
These include jasmine, tenacious yet delicate at the same time. The essence of attraction encapsulated into this floral scent.
“When all the flowers are blossoming- our cloud of fragrance aims to capture that moment, using very precious and rare ingredients such as, for example, freesia and ylang ylang, the most feminine aromas par excellence. Also starring cardamom, pink pepper, musk and bergamot for a fresh cocktail that recalls a journey into the wilderness. Just as it would be like to visit the remote corners of Scandinavian landscapes. Nature and our local environment are always our first source of inspiration and driving force in the creation of our fragrances,” comments Niclas and Christine Lydeen.
The scent is also enclosed in a special box with themed artwork designed and conceived by the creative duo. A limited edition handmade ceramic vase decorated with the Floralust pattern has been produced in collaboration with a Japanese/Swedish up-and-coming artist Masayoshi Oya from Studio Oyama.